Bring the spring back into your dog and manage joint pain before it becomes debilitating and get your dog back on the happy wagon!

What is it?
Rose-Hip Vital Canine is made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip fruit with no additional additives. Rosehip is also known to contain one of nature's most natural sources of Vitamin C. Rosehip Vital also contains a powerful antioxidant, a rich source of vitamin C. The vitamin C in Rose-Hip Vital is 100% natural and therefore absorbed more effectively then synthetic vitamin C. 2.5g of Rose-Hip Vital powder contains 12.5mg of natural vitamin C.

What's it for?
Dogs’ joints take a pounding, from running after tennis balls to jumping off the back deck. And for some dogs, that’s a problem. More use means more injuries and can lead to joint-related problems such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears and osteoarthritis.

What it does:
The unique property of Rose-Hip Vital Canine is the special patented compound which is activated during the drying process, which benefit joint health and general well-being of active and ageing dogs. 

Why your pet needs it:
Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong, so it’s important to keep an eye out for the following symptoms that could indicate arthritis:

  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Favouring a limb
  • Decreased activity or less interest in play
  • Attitude or behaviour changes
  • Reluctance to jump, run or climb stairs
  • Weight gain
  • Sleeping more 

Why you'll love it:
Controlling pain and inflammation allows your pet to participate in daily activities and of course make life more comfortable in general. Osteoarthritis can affect dogs and humans alike, as it's a joint disease that frequently comes with aging, or even weight issues. So if you notice that your dog isn't jumping coming to greet you when you enter the house, then they may be affected. It’s hard to see an active, healthy dog become debilitated by this condition.

Directions of Use: Mix with food once daily. One level scoop (included) = 2.5 g


Dog weight  Initial daily dose (3 weeks):  Maintenance daily dose
Up to 15kg   2 scoops  1 scoop
15-30kg  4 scoop  2 scoops
Over 30kg  6 scoops  3 scoop

Use in pregnant and lactating animals is not recommended as safety has not been established.

What about Science?
Rose-Hip Vital Canine is supported by over 30 scientific papers including 8 clinical trials, unique to Rose-Hip Vital products, which have been published in peer reviewed journals internationally. It has the same active constituent as Rose-Hip Vital for humans and the brand is now acknowledged as the leader in the field of manufactured Rosehip.

Only the Rosehip powder in Rose-Hip Vital products has been the subject of testing in clinical trials and is the only product in the world which contains the patented active compound.

Manufactured in Denmark.

Don't wait until it's too late. Get your pooch back in motion now!


Brand Rosehip Vital
SKU rosehipvital
Barcode # 680569358172
Pet Dog
Category Health & Wellbeing
Features Supplement
Application Type Powder
Country of Manufacture Europe
Condition Joint Care

Q: What is Rose-Hip Vital Canine?
A: Rose-Hip Vital Canine is a powerful, clinically proven 100% natural supplement which may be of benefit for improving the joint health and general well-being of active and aging dogs.

Q: What are the ingredients in Rose-Hip Vital Canine?
A: Rose-Hip Vital Canine is made from pure and natural Rosehips (Rosa Canina) grown in Denmark and Sweden.

Q: Is there Vitamin C in Rose-Hip Vital Canine?
A: Rose-Hip Vital Canine contains one of nature’s richest sources of Vitamin C. Natural Vitamin C is absorbed in the body more effectively than synthetic Vitamin C.

Q: How long will it take to work?
A: After approximately 3 weeks your dog should start to feel positive effects

Q: What evidence is there that Rose-Hip Vital Canine may help relieve joint Pain?
A: Over 30 scientific papers, including 8 double-blind placebo controlled trials unique to Rose-Hip Vital products have been published in international medical journals which supports Rose-Hip Vital’s help in reducing joint pain.

Q: Will it create an allergy?
A: No. Rose-Hip Vital Canine is a non-allergenic product.

Q: Does it contain yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar or lactose?
A: No

Q: Does it contain animal based ingredients including shellfish?
A: No. Rose-Hip Vital Canine is plant based.

Q: Does it contain any genetically modified ingredients?
A: No

Q: Can it help the immune system?
A: Yes, it has excellent antioxidant properties which support general health and wellbeing

Q: Does Rose-Hip Vital Canine contain nuts?
A: No

Q: Are there any known side effects?
A: There are no known side effects and Rose-Hip Vital Canine is shown to be well tolerated.

Q: Can it be taken with other medications?
A: Yes, Rose-Hip Vital Canine does not interfere with prescription drugs or other supplements. Always consult your pet’s healthcare professional.

Q: How do I give it to my dog?
A: Simply mix Rose-Hip Vital Canine powder into your dog’s food.

Q: Is Rose-Hip Vital Canine safe to give to dogs with a sensitive stomach?
A: Yes, however, we recommend introducing the product gradually to ensure tolerance. We recommend veterinary consultation if your dog has a medical history of stomach sensitivity. 

Rosa canina (Rosehip) fruit powder 1000 g/kg Store below 30°C (Room temperature). Protect from light.

Results from a randomised, placebo-controlled trial published in the Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 18, supplement 2 (2010) suggests Rose-Hip Vital Canine shows anti-inflammatory properties in dogs and works as a strong antioxidant. The study aimed to test whether Rose-Hip Vital Canine might improve the immune response, working capacity and wellbeing of dogs.

Twelve weeks of treatment resulted in statistically significant improvements to the general wellbeing of dogs, with the study testing for motivation, mood, working capacity, cooperation, speed and fur quality.

Three-month treatment resulted in a significant decline in total white blood cell count – indicating that Rose-Hip Vital Canine works as an anti-inflammatory in dogs.

The data suggests that Rose-Hip Vital Canine exhibits anti-inflammatory properties in dogs and works as a strong antioxidant. This can explain why the actively treated group of dogs showed an improvement in so many different activities as working capacity, litheness, speed and quality of fur.

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