Do you have a Glass Panel or Sliding Door & Don't know what to do about a Pet Door?

Now you can easily install a dog flap in your glass door or panel for a clean, clear look that both your dog and cat can use.The Transcat clear door isideal for sliding glass doors or glass panels, as well as solid wooden panels and doors.

Features of the Transcat Clear Cat Door:

  • Clear, modern and unobtrusive
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs so you only need one door for all of your pets
  • Easily locked from both inside and out
  • Easily upgraded to an electronic door if required
  • Weather resistant flap;
  • Transparent rigid flap with magnet to stop the flap from opening at will;
  • Slim, Clean and Clear design to suit your decor (doesn't stand out);
  • Lockable security barrier so you decide which pet comes in and out;
  • Made in New Zealand;
  • Can be converted to accommodate an electromagnetic adapter (sold separately)
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

The Small Transcat Cat door is ideal for cats and small dogs up to a Maltese size (around 5kg).

Overall size: 287mm
Flap width: 180mm
Flap height: 170mm

Installation information
Installation into Single Pane Glass: The hole in the glass should be 267mm in diameter.

Installation into a Double Glazed Panel of Glass: The hole in the glass should be 275mm in diameter. The hole should be sealed by the glazier to maintain the integrity of the double glazing.

Lucky Pet Supplies is an Authorised Retailer of Transcat Pet Doors.


Brand Transcat
Barcode # 9415664000043
Size Small
Category Doors

Can I install a Transcat Door in my sliding door?
Sure! Transcat doors can be installed in most sliding doors where there is a clearance of more than 21mm on the side of the sliding door. You can either install it into the sliding or static panel. Transcat Cat doors are designed to fit into glass doors and panels from 3-6mm of thickness and into double glazed panels of glass.Transcat Cat doors may also be fitted to solid wooden panels and doors.

Can I install a Transcat Door myself?
That depends, are you a glazier? No? Then you should definitely hire one. Glass cutting is not something you want to mess with, especially if your glass is double glazed. Your glazier will cut the hole and seal the glass to maintain the integrity of the double glazing.

Can I install my Transcat Door into a wooden panel or door?
Of course! And you can do this yourself, if you're handy. Installation is very similar to fitting into single pane glass. The hole size should be approximately 247mm (9¾”) but the size and shape of the hole is not as critical as it is for installation into glass, provided that the flap can swing unhindered. Detailed instructions are included with your door.

Will I need to clean the door?
Um, probably a good idea. Remember that your pet is touching the door with its snout and paws - and who knows where they've been? Cleaning is simple, just unscrew the door from where it is installed and wash in soapy water using a soft cloth. The 4 bolts do not penetrate the glass but fit just inside the cut area.

How strong is the Transcat door?
Here's our personal experience. Our dogs may be small and cute, but they throw their complete weight into our door without pausing. And our dogs use it a lot. We have never had to replace a single part of our Transcat Door. The clear Transcat Cat Door is made of polycarbonate which allows the product to be relatively thin but strong.

How do I get my cat to use a cat door?
Cats are very intelligent animals with very different personalities, so it may be necessary to train your cat to use the cat door. In most cases your cat will work out what happens within a day or two. As with a dog, the best way to encourage any new behaviour is with their favourite food or treat placed on the other side of the door. Never push your cat through the cat door.

Do I need a separate door for my cat and dog?
The clear Transcat Cat Door is one of the largest cat doors on the market and it is also suitable for small dogs - that's why we love it. Use one for your cats and dogs - make sure you choose the best size for your dog (see our shop for additional sizes). However, if you decide to upgrade the door to an electronic version, it's not recommended for dogs because their movements are very different to cats & they generally have bigger necks, too.

I'm having friends over and their kids are afraid of animals, can I lock my cat outside for a while?
Yes, you can - inside or out, actually. A 4-way locking system allows you to lock the door in either direction, both directions or not at all. It allows for easy control by you from both the inside & outside. Two small magnets, one on the bottom of the flap & one on the frame help stop the flap from swinging.

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty and Lucky Pet's 30-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE...
We guarantee that you and your pets will love your purchase and will be more than happy with the quality. Give your pet some time to adapt to a new product – that includes a new toy, treat, food or even a bed – but if it you’re not completely happy, contact us within 30 days. That’s a full month so that you can be sure of your purchase. If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days, drop us a line and return the item in its original condition and packaging. We will send you a full refund. See store policies for details.

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