Give your nature-loving kitty an easy way to get outdoors with the Patiolink Cat Window Insert!

This innovative, easy-to-install insert allows you to create an instant doorway to nature for your feline friend. This window insert features a flat that is similar to a traditional pet door installed in doors, which lets your kitty go in and out whenever they want instead of waiting for you to open the door for them. It’s even designed with a 4-option locking system, so you can control the flap movement. These four locking options include: free in/free out, no in/free out, free in/no out, and no in/no out.  Most standard-sized cats can fit through the flap.

The Cat Window Insert has an adjustable panel that secures itself between the inside of top and bottom of the window. You must have a sliding window that slides sideways to keep the insert in place. Constructed to last, this window insert for cats is made with durable material such as powder-coated aluminum and polycarbonate windows and flap. You also receive a 10-year warranty with your purchase!

***Note: Please measure your window from the inside of the top to the inside of the bottom channels and the window width after opening the window before purchasing.


  • Innovative window insert for your cat to go in and out of the home freely
  • Easy and adaptable way for you to give your cat access to the outdoors
  • Travel-friendly and can be moved from home to home
  • 4-lock system to control flap keep cat inside or outside as you wish
  • Flap allows for most standard-sized cats to walk through comfortably
  • Magnetic closure for flap to secure it in place
  • Made from durable materials (aluminum frame and polycarbonate windows) for long-lasting use
  • Simple instructions guide included (tools for assembly required)
  • 10-Year Warranty

Features in depth:

EASY INSTALLATION - Cat Door Insert comes with an adjustable panel to adjust to the height of your sliding window. Adjustment range is between 0.8m and 1.2m or 1.2m to 1.6m measured between the top and bottom window channel. If your sliding window is outside of this range, please contact us for a custom sizes.

PLEASE NOTE - installation involves cutting of the rubber profile at the top of the Cat Door Insert to suit your specific Window height. Detailed installation instructions are provided with the Cat Door Insert.

FLAP SIZE -  suitable for small to large cats. Flap hinge is at 25 cm and flap width is 16 cm.
The hole of the flap opening is 16cm (width) x 23cm (height). The total width of the cat door insert is 23cm. Please check that your cat can pass through the opening - 16cm x 23cm - which is suitable for most standard size cats. It could be too small for larger cats.

Please measure the height of your window by measuring from the inside of the bottom channel to the inside of the top channel of your sliding window. Just in case, please let us also know the width of your window opening, once your window is fully open.

Colour: White

Complete door width: 23cm

You can also upgrade to your specific colour - please ask for a quote

FOUR WAY FLAP SELECTOR - allows you to select the flap opening modes: (NO IN, NO OUT), (FREE IN , FREE OUT) (FREE IN, NO OUT) (NO IN, FREE OUT).

RIGID CONSTRUCTION - Cat Door Insert is constructed from powder coated aluminium frame, polycarbonate clear windows and polycarbonate flap. Since all materials used for construction are durable and long lasting, we offer 10 years warranty!

Flap: 23cm (height) x 16cm (length)
Window Insert Panel Adjustment: 0.8m to 1.2m or 1.2-1.6m (unless customised)

Is your window taller than 1.6m? No problem - we can send you a custom height window inserts up to 1.6m tall. Please call us with your order number so we can arrange the right size.



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