Simple and secure, the Black Dog Tracking Lead is an ideal dog accessory for both you and your dog.

The Black Dog Tracking Lead comes in 11 meters in length. With one extra meter compared with standard tracking leads, this dog lead allows you to set custom lengths.

Teach your dog to stay near you on walking. Great for general training, recall training and tracking. The Tracking Lead by Black Dog also has a secure snap hook to attach to the collar. Supplied with Tap Handle end which can be undone to reveal a conventional loop handle end, if you prefer this style lead end.

From black to pink, the Black Dog Tracking Lead comes in a variety of colours to choose from.


  • Includes snap hook to clip on collar
  • Tap handle end can turn into a loop handle
  • Made with strong nylon webbing material

Available in 3 widths for different dog sizes:
- 12mm wide webbing with small clip
Small - 19mm wide webbing with small clip
Regular - 20mm wide webbing with standard clip

Length: 11 meters

**UPDATED DESIGN * The tracking lead no longer includes the black hook and loop tied that used to be sewn into the doggy end of the lead. This was causing distractions for dogs.

Available in a variety of colours for you to choose from!


Brand BlackDog Wear
SKU black-dog-tracking-lead
Pet Dog
Category Accessories

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