Litter Kwitter

Never use a cat litter box again when you potty train your cat with Litter Kwitter! This Australian-made invention helps pet parents prepare their feline friends for a life without having to go to the litter box ever again. The Litter Kwitter program comes with training discs and a cat-approved toilet seat base plate.

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Make cat toilet training easier than ever with the Litter Kwitter. The training, developed by animal behaviourists, is divided into three stages: Red Stage, Amber Stage, and Green Stage. This makes it easier for you to track your pet’s progress and improve their toilet training efforts in increments. Cats can be completely potty trained in at least 8 weeks, which is when you can be free of litter box duties forever! The toilet seat base that is included in the Litter Kwitter kit is strong enough to hold even the heaviest cat. Teach your cat to use the toilet with Litter Kwitter!