Make pet grooming at home easy with the Gripsoft cat and dog grooming products! From pet nail clippers to dematting combs, Gripsoft offers a wide range of pet care essentials so that you can save a trip to the groomer’s. Available for specific sizes (e.g., nail clippers for large dogs) to accommodate your needs.

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Grooming at home is made easy thanks to Gripsoft’s professional-level pet grooming products, which are designed with cushioned and ergonomically designed handles for maximum comfort. From cat slicker brushes to dog nail clippers, you can find a variety of Gripsoft pet care necessities to keep your pet trimmed and groomed. For pet parents that want to remove loose hair from their pet’s undercoat, slicker brushes or undercoat rake brushes are great to have on hand to prevent hair from sticking all over your furniture and carpet. Some Gripsoft slicker brushes are self-cleaning for easy maintenance. To smooth out matted, tangled hair, go for the JW Gripsoft Dematting Rake with metal teeth to remove knots. Whether your dog has thick hair or you need pet nail trimmers for a small cat, Gripsoft provides various options for each product to ensure you give your furry friend the best care.