Like fish oil, flax seed oil is used to treat chronic inflammatory disorders. Flax seed oil has been used for years to maintain a healthy skin and coat in pets.

Also called linseed oil, flax seed oil is derived from the seeds of the flax plant and has been proposed as a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to fish oil supplements (which may impart a fishy smell to the breath or skin). Suitable for dogs and cats, this mix is natural and promotes healthy skin and coat. Containing omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids, the mix is ideal for animals with sensitive skin, irritations or redness.

A deficiency in Omega 3 levels can cause a range of health issues relating to the immune system and skin disease. With correct levels of Omega 3 these issues can be corrected in 2-3 weeks of using a daily supplement of Vets All Natural Flax Seed Oil.

With the huge consumption of processed and cooked pet food diets, it is common for Omega 3 to be deficient. It will produce an exceptional natural shine in the coat and assist to control “doggy odour” without needing regular shampoos.

Easy to administer, simply add the oil to your pet's food once a day. They won't be able to taste the difference, but you will certainly notice the change in their skin and coat.


  • Assists with skin irritations
  • Promotes a healthy skin and coat
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Flax seed oil provides one of the most potent natural sources of Omega 3
  • Made in Australia

This product is available in 200ml and 500ml amber bottles.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil.

Feeding Guide: The amount of oil added to food will vary depending on your dog or cat's weight. Portions will range from 5ml to 15ml daily, check the label to ensure you are providing your pet with the right amount.

Sizes available: 200mL, 500mL


Brand Vets All Natural
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Health & Wellbeing
Application Type Food Additive
Condition General Health

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