Amp up the nutrition in your dog’s food with the Laila and Me 100% Australian Hemp Seed Oil.

Add this superfood to your dog’s diet for shinier, softer fur, moisturised skin, and overall better health and well-being! This pet hemp seed oil supplement is made with cold-pressed, Australian-sourced hemp seeds and can be mixed in with your dog’s meals to elevate the nutritional value.

Hemp seed oil is a pet-safe product that does not contain THC and does not make your dog high. This special oil is loaded with healthy plant-based fats and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that give various aspects of your dog’s health a boost, from joint mobility and support to improved fur coat appearance and texture. It also contains vitamin E and all 10 amino acids (building blocks of protein) and has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve symptoms such as stiff joints or itchy, dry skin.

About Laila and Me: Offering 100% natural and delicious pet treats and supplements, Laila and Me is an Australian-owned local small business that was founded in 2015 and brings healthy, hypoallergenic treats for pet owners with cats and dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. Laila and Me focuses on pet treats and products that help manage weight, promote healthy gut and digestion, enhance skin and fur coat condition, and more.


  • Cold-pressed Australian-sourced edible hemp seed oil supplement for dogs
  • Contains all 10 essential amino acids (protein) and a high amount of vitamin E
  • Natural source of perfectly balanced (1:3 ratio) omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids for anti-inflammatory properties and to improve heart health and immunity
  • Can also assist with joint pain due to arthritis or other minor/common joint or mobility issues
  • Helps give your dog’s fur coat a glowing sheen and boosts skin and hair health
  • Relieves inflammation, dryness, itchiness, etc., for soft, moisturised skin
  • May aid in alleviating anxiety for your pet and help them relax (does not make your dog high)
  • Comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle
  • Made in Australia in small batches for freshness

Size: 120ml

NOTE: These are natural products and what you receive may look a little different from our photos. We do our best to provide accurate pictures but due to the nature of the drying process of natural products, it may look different.


Supplement your dog’s diet with the Laila and Me Hemp Seed Oil!


Barcode # 746935925888
Pet Dog
Category Health & Wellbeing
Features Supplement
Application Type Liquid
Country of Manufacture Australia
Condition Digestive Care

Hemp Seed for Pets FAQs

Will Hemp Seed Oil make my dog high?

Though from the cannabis plant, hemp seeds contain extremely low to absolutely no traces of THC, the ingredient in cannabis that creates psychedelic effects. Your dog will not get high on hemp seed oil. It’s purely a pet health product.

Is Hemp Oil legal in Australia?

Yes, it is! You can read more about hemp seed products and the laws around it here:

Are Hemp Oil and CBD Oil the same product?

No, they’re not. CBD is extracted from hemp plant stems, leaves, and flowers (not the seeds), so it’ll be a more potent product and can contain THC (though it can also be removed). You will be receiving a product made from purely hemp seeds, not CBD. We do not falsely advertise CBD oils. In Australia, you do have to have a prescription to receive CBD oil or other medicated cannabis products. Hemp seed oil for pets is more widely accessible and is more of a superfood product.

Ingredients: Australian Hemp Seeds

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