Make getting rid of pet waste easier and more environmentally friendly with the BioGone Large Waste Bag Roll!

Did you know that plastic waste can take up to 450 years to decompose? Many pet parents use regular plastic bags to pick up after their pets, which only contributes to the plastic waste environmental issue. That’s why we encourage you to choose BioGone Waste Bags!

Biodegradable and recyclable, this roll of 250 dog waste bags is made with materials that natural microorganisms can break down once used bags are dumped in a landfill. Not only are these bags eco-friendly, but they’re also practical and spacious. The handles make the bags easier to carry and tie together to lock in the waste and strong odours. Designed with side gussets, the bags are spacious and great for picking up after large dogs.


  • Large biodegradable and recyclable pet waste bags for an eco-friendly option
  • Designed with handles for easy carrying and sealing in waste – great for walking big dogs!
  • Side gussets for extra space in the bags to contain more pet waste
  • Compatible with most park-mounted dog bag roll dispensers
  • 1 roll = 250 bags for a cost-effective pet waste bag roll

Quantity: 250 bags (1 roll) per pack

Scent: Unscented


200mm (width) x 300mm (length) plus handles

Top opening circumference: 190mm

Get the BioGone Waste Bags to clean up after your dogs and help the environment!


Brand Biogone
Barcode # 806809689121
Pet Dog
Category Clean-up
Features Waste Bags
Material Biodegradable

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1 September 2020

These poop bags are thick, easy to open and are quite large. Haven't had a single issue with them and very little smell escapes the bag which is excellent.

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