Make your cat’s hydration station extra adorable and convenient with the PIXI Fountain!

Keep your cat hydrated with clean, filtered water all day long with the automatic PIXI Pet Water Fountain.

Advanced Filtration Technology & Silent Pump
This pet water fountain for cats features a high-tech, 3-part filtration system to clean out any debris, soften tap water, and remove odours to ensure your cat always has a pure and refreshing hydration station to rely on! Made with an ultra-quiet, detachable pump, this automatic pet water fountain won’t disturb your days or evenings; you won’t have to turn the fountain off when sleeping and can keep it on for your cats 24/7!

Ergonomic, Whisker-Stress-Free Design
The water dispenses into a wide, shallow stainless steel bowl to help reduce whisker stress for cats. For more ergonomic access to water, the fountain spout has a slight arch for your pet to drink from. Even when you turn off the fountain, clean and filtered water will still stay in the bowl for your cat to access any time.

LED Lights To Alert You To Refill Water
Thanks to the handy light-up cat nose and whiskers on the front, the PIXI Cat Fountain lets you know when it’s time to refill with a blinking red light. A stationary red light means that the fountain is completely out of water and will automatically turn off for your convenience. You can also light up the fountain with the built-in night light for more visibility in the dark.

Premium stainless steel top
Equipped with all PIXI Fountain features, this model also offers a durable, high-grade stainless steel drinking surface. The stainless steel top can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher for optimal hygiene.
+ Sanitary and germ-resistant, because bacteria cannot enter hard, non-porous surface
+ Long-lasting and won’t easily scratch, stain, or rust despite constant use
+ Especially recommended to cats prone to acne


  • Automatic pet water fountain for cats with cutting-edge technology for maximum filtration
  • Provides your cat with fresh, purified water all day long without disturbing your environment
  • Features a 3-part filtration system to that helps purify your cat’s water before depositing in the bowl
  • Ergonomically made with an arched fountain spout for easy drinking and a wide, shallow stainless steel bowl top to reduce whisker stress
  • Red LED light on the front to let you know when to refill water
  • Turns off automatically when the fountain is low on water or has no water left
  • Designed with an ultra-quiet pump that’s also detachable for maintenance
  • Has an energy-saving mode, timer setting, and a nightlight
  • Ideal for all pets to enjoy

Colour: White with Stainless Steel Top

Capacity: 2.5L

Size: 20.5cm x 20.5cm x 17cm

Power: USB output with DC 5V 1A adapter (for Australia)

Provide your cat with clean and pure water without worrying about refilling their water bowl with the help of the PIXI Fountain!


Brand Catit
Barcode # 0022517437209
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Fountains

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