Finally, a Clumping Litter that is Eco-Friendly, and Flushable! 

Cat's Best (previously known as Öko Plus) cat litter - 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable.

Cat's Best can be flushed down the toilet or put into the bin for garden waste as it's made from natural plant fibres, which dissolve in water, just as toilet paper does. It will not cause pipe blockages or impact negatively on sewage treatment.

Cleaning and refilling the litter box is reduced to a minimum because unlike most litter, Cat's Best does not need to be replaced - just remove the clumps and the remains are clean. Simply top up as needed.

What smell? Ultra absorbent, this litter prevents odours and remains fresh-smelling. Pee Clumps don't stick to the bottom of your litter tray.

Cat's Best is a wood-based cat litter, made from the finest plant fibres from untreated native fir and pine timber. This timber is readily available and the felling of such trees helps to promote healthy, natural forests.


  • Natural - Clumping granules made from 100% natural fibre;
  • No Odour - Binds liquid and odours resulting in no bad smell;
  • Economical - Excellent absorption (more than 700% absorption, conventional cat litter absorbs just approx. 200%), making it highly economical;
  • Lasts - Won't need to change the litter for at least 4 weeks;
  • Gentle - Won't hurt your cat's paws;
  • Lightweight - Makes it easy to transport;
  • Minimum dust;
  • Less Waste - Significantly less waste that can be flushed down the toilet;
  • Compostable - Up to 100% biodegradable (no artificial, chemical additives);

CAT'S BEST clumping cat litter is made solely from plant materials - no artificial, chemical agents. Can be used in any Litter Tray or System.

Bag Size:
4.5kg/10 litres
8.6kg/20 litres
13kg/30 litres

Natural Smell - Has a pleasant, natural smell – no artificial additives!


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Litter Type Plant Fibre

Ratings & Reviews

LuckyPet Customer

24 June 2019

This Is the best litter I have found for clumping. I mix it with another cat litter as my cat was making a huge mess when covering up.

LuckyPet Customer

14 June 2019

Great for it's use but far more prone to being tracked out of the tray. Works great with automatic litter trays!

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