Whether your dog is old or injured, sometimes they may get be incontinent.

Dogit Clean Disposable dog diapers provide comfortable and reliable protection against leaks due to incontinence, excitable urination, females in heat or dogs recovering from lower body surgery. Ideal for preventing messy stains in homes or vehicles during travel, the diapers are super absorbent and provide a secure, leak-resistant fit, thanks to convenient stick-on tabs.


  • Comfortable and reliable protection
  • Ideal for preventing messy stains in homes or vehicles during travel
  • Super absorbent
  • Secure leak-proof fit
  • 12 per pack
  • Best used for urine management

Sizes: Please ensure you weigh and measure your dog. If in doubt, please contact us for advice.

    Small: For dogs 3.6-6.8kg, Waist 32-44cm
    Medium: For dogs 6.8-15.8kg, Waist 42-53.3cm
    Large: For dogs 15.8-24.9kg, Waist 45.7-57.2cm
    X-Large: For dogs 25-40kg, Waist 50.8-66cm

A few things to consider when using diapers for your dog: Avoid Diaper Rash and Discomfort. Just like human babies, your dog's skin can become red, chafed and sore from contact with the diaper and get diaper rash from urine-soaked diapers. Do not leave your pet in a wet diaper. Doggy diapers are mainly designed for the collection of urine. If your dog is incontinent of faeces, ask your vet for advice.

Should I be Using Diapers for an Incontinent Dog? You should always establish the cause of the incontinence before putting any dog in diapers. Your vet will be able to advise you. Potentially, you could be attributing the cause to loss of bladder control when in fact, your dog has a urinary infection that should not be left untreated.

However, for older dogs that are becoming incontinent, diapers can make all the difference and allow your dog to go on living in your home, laying in all his favorite places and enjoying his old age, rather than being banished or a becoming a source of family upset due to those little accidents that would otherwise happen with increasing frequency.

In the end, check with your vet first and do the right thing for your dog.

Diapers have a hole for your dog's tail!


Brand Dogit
SKU 40091
Pet Dog
Category Training
Features Diapers
Life Stage Puppy

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