Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds, Patented Bird Carrier Backpack with Perch, Airline Approved Cage Bag

With a backpack designed just for your avian companion, you can go exploring in the wild together!

Lovebirds, Senegal parrots, pionites, grass birds, parakeets, cockatiels, honeyeaters, and other TINY to SMALL birds will all benefit from the Ibiyaya TrackPack. Taking your pet bird on many exciting outings is a cinch with this bird travel backpack!

Our primary collaborator in developing the current version of the Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for birds was BirdTricks, and the product development process took more than two years. We’re working together to create the finest possible bird backpack carrier for our feathery friends and family.


  • A color that blends seamlessly with the environment. The hue of the TrackPack makes it easy to blend in with the surroundings. Its light brown hue isn’t distracting and won’t interfere with your bird’s natural habitat while you’re out on a hike.
  • Perch for your bird’s comfort: Hemp Rope Wooden Perch. Comfortable for your bird and easy to clean, the Hemp Rope Wooden Perch is best for your bird! The perch may be taken apart and is easy to clean. Screws hold it together, ensuring its stability, safety, and comfort for your bird.
  • Simple to maintain, even simpler to store. The bird backpack with perch may be easily removed for washing, and it doesn’t take up much room. It’s compact and easy to pack when you’re on the go. For your bird’s waste, the bottom comes with a detachable plastic pan. Velcro is used to attach and remove the pan’s detachable lid. If necessary, additional diaper pads can be added.
  • Water-resistant so you can go further! 304 stainless steel mesh provides excellent breathability and water resistance, making this a great choice for light rainy days.
  • The seams are reinforced with a polyethylene (PE). The backpack’s PE seams make it more resistant to wear and tear. The 304 stainless steel mesh used in its construction is both anti-corrosive and permeable. For your bird’s safety and comfort, the ultra-fine steel mesh is removable and replaceable.
  • It’s ideal for a trip. The rear seat belt loop can be used to secure the automobile seat belt to this bird bag carrier if needed. Additionally, because of its small size and ease of portability, the bird backpack with perch is ideal for short trips and long trips alike.
  • Innovatively designed. The bird backpack’s ergonomic design allows it to fit comfortably with your body. With the adjustable chest buckle and bilateral screws, your bird’s perch will not buckle as you hike. Steel bowls may be added into the bird bag carrier as well through metal rings. You can also use the metal rings to hang your bird’s favorite toys from them. Additionally, the Velcro-adjustable shade flap provides additional seclusion for the bird.
  • Great for trekking and traveling. To keep your bird cool, the bird travel backpack is composed of water-resistant, breathable fabric. PE seams are used to ensure it can sustain lengthy hikes without breaking. Traveling with your bird in a backpack is a terrific idea because it will keep it safe and secure while you’re out exploring.
  • Long-lasting, robust, and easily repairable. With 304 stainless steel, the bird cage backpack is resistant to scratching and pecking, making it long-lasting and sturdy. Because the steel mesh lining can be removed and changed if it ever gets damaged, the bird cage backpack is also straightforward to repair if it ever has to be replaced.
  • Your walkie-talkie will keep you in touch with the rest of your trekking party. An easy-access movable storage pouch may be connected to the TrackPack’s sides or straps to make it easier to use walkie-talkies or your phone while on the go.
  • Velcro patches that can be moved to prevent harm to your bird. To keep the beak safe from injury, the TrackPack includes Velcro round patches with adjustable hole-sealing Velcro that may be used to plug open holes. For easy-to-track storage, they’re attached with velcro and can be quickly tucked into the front pocket.
  • Safety first. The safety of you and your bird is always our top priority. An easy-access hanging storage bag can be attached to the side of the backpack straps, and an emergency whistle can be fastened to a ring on the bird carrier backpack. It’s the perfect place to keep your phone, walkie talkie, or any other small goods you’ll need on your hike.
  • Customise with the name of your bird. There is a Velcro area on the front of the bird carrier backpack where you can put a name tag for your bird. This feature is available only if you choose to pay the additional fee.
  • Everything you need. 1 removable steel mesh, 1 feeding bowl (with clips*2), 1 perch, 1 bottom pan, 2 storage pouches hanging from the perch and 3 knobs and 6 Velcro patches are all included in the complete set of accessories

Net.W.: 2.1kg
Measurements: L30 W27 H42 (cm)
Accessories: 1 set of removable steel mesh, 1 feeding bowl (with clips*2), 1 perch, 1 bedpan, 2 hanging storage pouches, 3 knobs, and 6 Velcro patches are included in the whole set of accessories.

Spot cleaning, handwash. Cold.
Do not expose to sun directly.
Dry flat in shade.


Brand Ibiyaya
SKU FC2296-T
Barcode # 4715243344878

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