These fun toys are being met with enthusiastic paws-up by our resident kitties.

The Kitty Kopter has three feathers attached to a wooden bead and fuzzy pompom ball so it is weighted at the bottom. When it is thrown, it twirls, giving the impression of a flying bird, which is sure to kick your cat's prey drive into high gear!

After a play session with wand toys, Kitty Kopter is an ideal prize that your cat can catch, carry off, and keep. Kitty Kopter incites batting and chasing behaviour each time it begins its descent. Toss it in the air and it will Kopter down and your kitty will have fun watching it spinning to the ground. The Kitty Kopter is also an enjoyable source of entertainment in solo play.


  • Made by the maker of Da Bird
  • Hand crafted in the USA
  • They twirl nicely when thrown up in the air.
  • Challenges your cat's "inner hunter" to prevent boredom and related problem behaviours
  • Cats love the realistic movement of feathers floating through the air
  • Includes three feathers attached to a wooden bead and a pompom
  • Pompoms come in a variety of colours - please allow us to choose one for your cat

As this is a natural, handmade product, there may be slight variations to colour and features depicted in photos.

Measures approximately 15cm

The Kitty Kopter is hand crafted with Go Cat care from pheasant feathers which creates guaranteed flying fun!


Brand Go Cat
Barcode # 759041001827
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Teaser
Country of Manufacture USA

Ratings & Reviews

LuckyPet Customer

22 April 2020

My kitty goes mad for this thing and throwing it around the house and running to collect it gives me some good exercise in isolation too

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