Whether your pet is injured, recovering from surgery or has some hotpots, the Kong EZ Elizabethan Collar is a safe and humane way of preventing animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury.

The EZ Collars helps break the lick-bite, itch-scratch cycle gently without harsh restraints. The neckline is padded for comfort and the Velcro straps are strong, making it easy for anyone to put on and remove.

CAUTION: Make sure that your pet cannot become stuck in tight places (under chairs, between furniture, etc.) If you have more than one pet, you should separate the pet with the EZ Collar if left alone. Supervise all communal activity closely.

REMEMBER: The EZ Collar is not a toy.


  • Strong Velcro strips
  • Adjusting the size to suit your pet

Measure around your pet's neck to select the right size. Select a size that is close in size to your pet’s regular collar. A properly fitted collar should have enough space to allow you to insert two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.

The EZ Collar's unique Velcro strips allow you to easily adjust and remove the side of the collar. Simply place the collar snugly, but not too tight, around the pet’s neck. Line up the Velcro strip to the strip on the opposite side of the collar and press together. Adjust strips as necessary to get a comfortable fit. (See pictures)

Sizes - pet's neck measurement:
Small - 16-20cm x height of collar 20cm
Medium - 19-25cm x height of collar 21cm
Large - 25-33cm x height of collar 32cm
X-Large - 33-40cm x height of collar 41cm
XX-Large - 40-53cm x height of collar 51cm

NOTE: Typically, pets require time to adjust to their EZ Collar. Supervision is recommended. You may want to raise food and water dishes off the ground for easier access.

Easy to put on and take off!


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