Combat your dog's boredom with the KONG Genius Mike! 

Named after Michelangelo, the Genius Mike is a dog puzzle toy that releases treats when your pooch solves the puzzle. Perfect for puppies and adult dogs, this soft treat-dispensing toy will make any dog's tail wag with joy. You can even connect other Genius toys together to make an even more challenging puzzle game to keep your dog busy all day long.


KONG Genius Mike Sizes and Colours

Dimensions (height, width, and length)

and Weight

Small (Blue)

20cm x 13cm x 5cm

125 grams

Large (Orange)

24cm x 14cm x 7cm

264 grams

X-Large (Purple)

27cm x 15cm x 8cm

381 grams

  • Comes in various colours according to sizes: Blue, Orange, Purple
  • Named after Michelangelo
  • Made with toxic-free, FDA-approved material
  • Mind-stimulating puzzle dog toy
  • Doubles as a fun chew toy for dogs
  • Treat-dispensing puzzle dog game
  • Includes two X-shaped holes at ends of toy to insert treats
  • Can be connected to other KONG Genius treat dispensers to make it more entertaining and challenging for your pet
  • Ideal for average chewers
  • Available in Genius Leo

How to Use:

Stuff treats inside the Genius Mike toy, and give the toy to your dog. Let your dog's natural instincts come out and find the treats. You can train your pooch to find the treats beforehand if he or she needs guidance. 

Note: Make sure to control the amount of treats you give to your pet due to weight and health concerns. 

Great for all dogs, from puppies to adult dogs!


Brand KONG
Barcode # 035585110172

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