Make staying at home less boring for your cat with the KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind!

A great way to keep your kitty from taking too many cat naps during the day is the KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind! This automatic cat toy features a ball with an attached cat tail teaser toy. When you turn on the toy, the ball rolls around and makes the tail swirl and whirl in unpredictable patterns to attract your cat’s attention and encourage them to hunt and chase. After 15 minutes, the ball automatically stops to save battery power, but you can turn it on again to continue the fun! You can use a catnip spray (sold separately) on the tail to keep your pet interested in the Purrsuit Whirlwind.

Batteries are included with this cat toy.


  • Automatic rolling ball with tail cat toy that entertains your kitty even when you’re away!
  • Ball glides over the floor as it wiggles and shakes the attached tail in random motions to keep your cat interested and encourage their hunting and chasing instincts
  • Turns off by itself after 15 minutes to save battery juice and gives your pet just enough entertainment time
  • Great for batting and chasing – provides some exercise for your pet while you’re away or busy
  • Excellent indoor cat toy for your homebody feline

Design: Rolling ball with tail attached

Colour: Purple & yellow

Battery Info: Batteries included

Product Dimensions: Approximately 24.5cm (length) x 8.3cm (width) x 8.3cm (height)

Product Weight: 300g

Automate playtime for your cat with the KONG Purrsuit Whirlwind!


Brand KONG
Barcode # 35585459172
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Ball

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