Manage your dog’s eating habits and help them feel more relaxed with the Lickimat UFO Slow Feed Anti-Anxiety Licking Dog Bowl!

If your dog is struggling with stress and anxiety during vet visits, bathing, and more, introduce them to the Lickimat UFO Slow Feed Anti-Anxiety Licking Dog Bowl! This innovative slow-feeding mat is travel-friendly and features 7 suction cups on the base to stick to flat surfaces, such as windows or shower walls, for your dog to stay entertained anywhere they go.

The magic is inside the Lickimat UFO where Soother Nubs cover the interior base of the food bowl that helps “massage” your dog’s tongue, which activates the stress-releasing, relaxing hormone to help your dog relieve stress and anxiety. You can sprinkle kibble or dry dog treats in between the nubs or use treat pastes when you place the Lickimat on walls or windows. You can even freeze pet-friendly bone broth or frozen treats inside the bowl to encourage repetitive licking for relaxation. The UFO design features raised walls to keep food and saliva inside the bowl for mess-free slow-feeding and entertainment.

Benefits of Licking and Slow-Feeding: Why Use Lickimats?

Repetitive licking can help calm and soothe your pet by releasing a certain hormone (endorphins) that aids in relaxation and de-stressing. Licking is like a massage to your pet, so using a Lickimat product can help make stressful situations, like going to the vet or being at home alone, easier to handle for your pet. For example, if your dog bites the front of their paws while they're home alone, they can lick that open wound to help soothe the pain and the anxiety they feel when no one is home with them.

Adding treats to the Lickimat entices your pet to the mat and encourages them to lick over the textured surface to stimulate the calming hormone and keeps them focused on a certain activity. Lickimats can also help redirect their licking behaviour to a specific point rather than all over your furniture, carpets, etc.

*Note: In some cases, if your pet's licking has become excessive and constant, please consult your vet. Licking can be a way for your pet to ease pain due to medical conditions like arthritis or allergies. Licking may not always be because of anxiety or boredom.

You can use Lickimats to help slow-feed your pet. Slow-feeding is the process of forcing your pet to eat more slowly, and it's ideal for pets that gulp down their food, eat other pets' foods, and/or eat their food too fast, which can lead to indigestion and even choking.

Lickimats like the Lickimat UFO give you a surface with limited space to help slow-feed your pet. Use the spaces between the soft nubs or textured patterns to sprinkle kibble around the mat and help your pet take their time with eating. You can also use these slow-feed pet aids to your advantage by controlling your dog's portions. Slow-feeding can help improve overall feeding experience and digestion for your pet.


  • The slow-feeding bowl that helps your dog relax, reduce stress, and stay entertained!
  • Innovative and vet-developed slow-feeding dog food bowl with gentle Soother nubs on the inside to help “massage” your dog’s tongue as they lick to help them release stress/anxiety
  • Aids in entertaining and distracting your pet from stressful situations
  • UFO design with raised walls to help keep mess inside the bowl and prevent spills
  • Comes with 7 suction cups on the base to secure the bowl in place
  • Can be used during baths/showers, grooming, and car rides
  • Designed for hydrotherapy and 100% dishwasher safe

*Note: Not a chew toy. Please supervise your pet when they’re using any Lickimat product.

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Help reduce your dog’s stress and anxiety and encourage them to slow feed with the help of the Lickimat UFO Slow-Feeding Dog Food Bowl!


Brand Lickimat
Pet Dog
Category Bowl
Features Slow Bowl

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