Cats... They're independent and often hard to please. That's why Milbemax comes in a tiny beef-flavoured tablet.

Cats like the beef flavour so much that many will take the tablet straight from your hand or in their normal food. Plus it's the smallest cat all-wormer available.

Milbemax is a state-of-the-art broad spectrum all-wormer – a tiny tablet that works from the inside to kill internal parasites fast. Milbemax offers your cat and family effective protection from hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm. Without ongoing treatment, worms pose an unseen risk to your cat and even your family. Worming your cat only kills the parasites at the time of treatment, so it’s important to treat regularly to avoid re-infection.

Worms can be picked up by eating infected soil, meat, rodents or other prey, and even by swallowing infected fleas when grooming. Some worms take only a few weeks to arrive in the intestine, mature and start laying eggs, that’s why your cat needs regular treatment.

Symptoms of Intestinal worms include: abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloody stools, tiredness/lack of energy, poor growth and weight loss. They can also weaken your cat’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to other infections.

99% of cats can be treated with one tablet or less. So Milbemax makes it easier to deliver the right dose to your cat or kitten.
1 tablet treats cats 2kg-8kg

Pack Size: 2 tablets


Brand Milbemax
SKU 1890877
Barcode # 9326895003416
Pet Cat
Category Flea Tick & Wormer
Treatment Type Intestinal Wormer
Main Flavour Beef

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