Get a harness and car seat belt for your dog all in one with the 3-in-1 Harness & Car Restraint System!

This versatile pet harness lets you switch it up and adapts to your environment and needs. The 3-in-1 Harness & Car Restraint features three ways for you to use it: 1) as a car restraint safety harness; 2) a no-pull solution harness with front lead attachment; and 3) a standard harness lead with back clip attachment.

If you’re not one for collars or want a way to stop pulling your dog when you’re on a walk, this harness is cleverly constructed to ensure that every walk is safe for you and your dog. As a car restraint, this harness comes with car control strap that you can use to secure your dog to the car seat and limit their movements, which help reduce distractions and possible injuries or accidents. You can also loop the seat belt through the grey handle on the top of the harness.

This harness is completely adjustable for a more comfortable, secure fit and features 5 different adjustment points for more flexibility when it comes to customising the fit. Made with padded neoprene material with reflective nylon lining, this harness and car seat restraint duo provides comfort and safety for your dog.


  • 3-in-1 pet harness and car restraint that transforms into 2 different harness options and a car seat belt that secures your dog to the seat for safety
  • Completely adjustable and features 5 various adjustment points for the most comfortable and secure fit for your dog
  • Different lead attachments allow you to turn this harness into a standard back clip (back lead) or no-pull solution (front lead)
  • Comes with a car safety restraint to limit your pet’s movement in the car to prevent distractions and ensure safety for everyone
  • Made with padded neoprene material for added comfort and reflective nylon for safety at night

Sizes Available:





Sizing Guide:

Harness Size

Weight Range

Chest Measurement

Shoulder Measurement

Extra Small

4.5kg to 11kg

33cm to 48cm Girth

23cm to 35.5cm Neck


11kg to 20kg

48cm to 61cm Girth

35.5cm to 45.7cm Neck


20kg to 34kg

61cm to 86cm Girth

45.7cm to 66cm Neck


34kg to 59kg

75cm to 108cm Girth

61cm to 96.5cm Neck

Note: Measuring your dog is the most accurate way to determine harness size. Use a measuring tape to measure around the deepest part of the chest/torso and the base of the neck. Weight ranges are only approximate. Please note that this harness runs large. If your dog measures between sizes, choose the smaller size.

Make travelling and walking with your pet easier with the 3-in-1 Harness & Car Restraint Set!


Brand PetSafe
SKU petsafe-3-in-1
Pet Dog
Category Collars, Harnesses, Leads
Features Car Travel

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LuckyPet Customer

15 August 2020

Great harness and now I'm not being dragged around, the dog has started walking nicely settled beside the way she should! Winner.

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