Never scoop your clumping litter again!

Clumping litter users rejoice! It’s time to let the ScoopFree Clumping Self-Cleaning Litter Box do the work for you. This automatic litter box rakes through your cat’s favourite clumping litter, locking away waste and odours. Have more than one cat? This automatic litter box is perfect for single or multi-cat households. Say goodbye to the daily chore of scooping and enjoy more time creating memories with your pets with a ScoopFree Clumping Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

Compatible with Clumping Litter
No need to switch your cat’s favourite litter to enjoy the ScoopFree experience! Our newest automatic litter box is now compatible with clumping litter welcoming you and your cats to the ScoopFree family. Simply fill the litter tray with your cat’s preferred litter and watch your new self-cleaning litter box work its magic, making your life easier and happier.

Fill It, Leave It, Refresh It
Being a cat parent is about to get a lot easier. Your self-cleaning litter box ensures you don’t have to spend any time scooping throughout the week. All you need to do is empty the waste bin about once a week, periodically refresh the litter and you’re good to go!

Superior Odour Control
It's a breath of fresh air to have a litter box that helps remove that smell from your room. ScoopFree’s innovative raking system and waste bin lock away unpleasant odours.

The Self-Cleaning Litter Box that Keeps Things Fresh
Every cat deserves a clean bed of litter when it’s time to go to the bathroom. Once your cat takes care of her business, the ScoopFree Clumping’s motion sensors will wait 10 minutes to automatically rake her waste and clumps into the waste bin. But if you notice that her sister needs to use the litter box before then, you can manually press the rake button to clean it up.


  •     No more scooping or touching your cat’s waste
  •     Works with clumping litter and most other litter types – no trays needed
  •     Offers superior odor control by trapping waste and unwanted odors in the covered waste bin
  •     Detachable metal rake removes waste, litter clumps and provides easy cleanup
  •     High walls reduce tracking and help keep litter inside the litter box
  •     Large, easy-to-clean litter area is designed for single and multi-cat households
  •     Waste bin, litter tray and removable rake are easy to remove for cleaning and refilling

Dimensions: 72.1cm L x 52.3cm W x 25.4cm H

System Includes:

  •     ScoopFree Clumping Self-Cleaning Litter Box system
  •     Australian Power adaptor
  •     Quick start guide

Litter not included.

One-year warranty

Your cat deserves the best. Trust PetSafe to keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.



Brand PetSafe
SKU PAL00-17762
Barcode # 729849177628
Pet Cat
Category Litter
Features Automatic

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