Encourage your cat to drink more water and never have to worry about refilling their water bowl daily with the Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Fountain!

Your beloved pet never has to wait for a water refill again with this innovative water fountain! This pet fountain creates a continuous river of fresh filtered water so that your cat can stay hydrated all day long, giving you an automatic way to replenish your kitty’s water bowl. The flowing water is attractive to pets, which can help boost water intake.

With a two-tiered design, each tier has its own bowl that your cat can drink from. The bowls are shallow, which prevents your feline’s whiskers from getting irritated or wet with water. This fountain contains a filter to provide your pet with pure and clean water, so you know you’re giving your furry friend the best source of water. Upgrade your cat’s water bowl to the Drs. Foster & Smith Cat Fountain for stress-free hydration 24/7!


  • Water fountain designed to supply your cats with water all day long
  • Shallow water bowls to prevent whisker stress or irritation
  • Contains a filter to keep your pet’s water clean and pure for a healthy water source
  • Travel-friendly size to keep your kitty hydrated during trips
  • 2-tiered design to create moving water that cats love to watch
  • Great for pet parents who want to automate water refills for cat bowls
  • Made from durable BPA-free plastic material for long-lasting use
  • Easy to use and comes fully assembled

Colour: Transparent

Dimensions: Approx. 178mm x 279mm x 102mm

This fountain uses the following filter: #3032, which can be found in our store.

Helps encourage your pet to drink more water!


Brand Pioneer Pet
SKU 6006B
Barcode # 898142002064
Category Fountains
Material Plastic

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