Finally, a Combined Water Fountain and Food Bowl for your Pets

Don't leave your Pets Thirsty! Your pets need fresh water just like you do, and getting enough water can sometimes be challenging, especially for pets that won't drink still water.

Why do Animals (cats in particular) Love Running Water? Some cats are very finicky about their water. You leave fresh water out for them all day, but the minute you turn on the tap they come rushing for a drink. In the wild, a cat will usually only drink moving water which helps to help prevent illness.

In nature, moving water is much fresher than stagnant water. The movement constantly breaks the surface tension of the water and draws oxygen from the air into the water. This process is called aeration and it makes water more appealing to drink.

For optimal performance, clean the fountain once a week, change the filter every two to four weeks, and disassemble/clean the pump once a month.


  •  Circulating drinking water is naturally appealing to pets
  •  Replaceable charcoal filter for clean and pure, healthy water
  •  18/8 stainless steel and BPA-free premium plastic
  •  Easy clean and dishwasher safe
  •  Food Station offers removable food dish for easy refill or storage
  •  Continuously filters water

Water Capacity: 1.18 Litre

Filters: Replacement filter: #3091 Pioneer Pet Replacement T-Shape Filters


Brand Pioneer Pet
SKU 6033
Barcode # 853442005153
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Fountains

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