Save your dog from fleas and ticks all month long with the once-a-month preventative tablet, Simparica!

Most flea and tick solutions are only topical treatments. Simparica is a unique and effective chewable preventative for dogs that works for a month for every dose, which means you don’t have to apply a topical solution repeatedly throughout the day. All you need to do is provide one dose of Simparica to your pet monthly and let Simparica do the rest of the work!

After your canine has ingested the tablet, the treatment begins within a day. In three hours, fleas will be killed, and, in eight hours, ticks will be killed. During the entire month, fleas and ticks won’t want to go near your pet, so you can rest assured that you will be able to prevent pet pest infestation for your beloved furry friend. Simparica is 97%+ effective against fleas and ticks for 35 days! Grab a pack of these tablets for effective flea and tick prevention for your dog and make your pet’s life easier and free of pest infestation.


  • Advanced monthly preventative for fleas and ticks for dogs
  • Works within hours after given to pet and effects last for a month
  • Kills fleas within 3 hours and adult ticks within 8 hours
  • Rapid relief from pests and produces quick results
  • Tasty liver flavour to make tablets easier to ingest
  • Can break up into smaller pieces to add to food
  • Efficient and effective way to prevent pet pest infestation
  • Easy to administer throughout the year
  • Suitable for dogs from puppy to adult ages (8 weeks and older)

Dosage: Typically 1 tablet per month for most dogs

Active Ingredient: Sarolaner

Safety: Simparica has not yet been tested to be safe for dogs that are pregnant, breeding or lactating.

3-Packs available in the following sizes:

Simparica Orange 20mg (for Small dogs 5.1-10kgs)
Simparica Blue 40mg (for Medium dogs 10.1-20kgs)
Simparica Green 80mg (for Large dogs 20.1-40kgs)
Simparica Red 120mg (for Extra Large Dogs 40.1-60kgs)


Brand Simparica
SKU Simparica-3-pack
Pet Dog
Category Flea Tick & Wormer
Treatment Type Fleas & Ticks
Application Type Tablet

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