In the olden days, in the wild, canines and felines ate muscle meat, organ meat and the vegetable matter from the gut of their prey animal.

Today, our pets just stand around a bowl and wait for their meals. So Vet's All Natural has done the hard work for them, and their Complete Mix mimics the gut content of prey. When mixed with meat, making it a balanced natural diet.

The Complete Mix Adult and Senior dog food from Vets All Natural is a complete diet for adult and senior dogs. Dogs live a longer and healthier life when they eat the right food. Canines have lived on a diet of raw meat, grains and vegetable matter for millions of years and this food mimics this natural diet.

We have matched the required protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and mineral levels.

The cooking process used to create dry or processed foods destroys natural enzymes and microbial content. It also gets rid of all the important vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids and protein.

Raw diets and the use of air drying keep all of these elements intact. When the Complete Mix Sensitive skin is mixed with a preservative-free raw meat it is as though your dog is eating a prey animal and their gut contents.


  • A healthy balanced diet consists of natural vegetable matter and grains with raw meat.
  • Complete Mix represents the required vegetable matter and grain portion of your dog or cat’s healthy diet.
  • No Cooking! Complete Mix is formulated in accordance with the principles of raw food.
  • Ingredients are air dried at, or below, body temperature.
  • The Muesli type mix is simply added to fresh, raw meat.

Directions for feeding:

  • Shake up contents before use to ensure ingredients are mixed evenly together.
  • Mix with the suggested volume of water - for best results mix at room temp up to 24 hours ahead or up to 30 minutes ahead in warm water. This allows the mix to soften, ferment and release more nutrients.
  • Add soaked mix to the appropriate ration of raw meat (instructed on packet).
  • Feed to your dog and leftover mix can be refrigerated (eat within a few days) or frozen.

Ingredients List: Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, whole cracked oats, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, yeast, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C and garlic.

Sizes available: 1kg, 5kg, 15kg


Brand Vets All Natural
SKU van_complete_senior_adult
Pet Dog
Category Food
Food Type Dry Food
Life Stage All Stages

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LuckyPet Customer

16 January 2021

This stuff is GREAT .Have always used this when I make up the mince mix for our dog (a Dobermann).She gets a “Raw” diet.All vets all natural products are 1st class.

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