Introducing the Dog’s Best Friend Game: Let Your Pup Be the Life of the Party!

Missing the fun at family game night? Not anymore! With our simple yet entertaining game, your furry friend gets to join in on the laughter and excitement. Developed by pet behavioralists, seasoned experts, and game design professionals, this game ensures safe and enjoyable play for dogs and humans alike.

Designed for real-life play, the Dog’s Best Friend Game features built-in breaks for added convenience. If a card doesn’t spark tail-wagging or belly laughs, simply pass and discover another delightful challenge waiting underneath. So, gather your best friend, get ready, and let the fun begin!

Introducing a Game Night Experience that Includes the Whole Family—Even the Dog! (Dog not included)

Designed by pet behavioralists, seasoned experts in pet care, and game design professionals, West Paw's The Dog's Best Friend Game™ offers a super-safe, real-life play experience. Built-in breaks ensure a comfortable pace, but feel free to take more if needed! If a card doesn't elicit wagging tails or belly laughs, simply pass—it's guaranteed that another exciting challenge awaits.

Product Highlights:

- A groundbreaking innovation in brain game play for family game nights, suitable for adults and children aged 8 and above.
- Promotes connection, positive reinforcement training, and fun for the entire family, both two-legged and four-legged members.
- Mini-games incorporate training tips and techniques; includes 5 extra Training Tip cards for added guidance.
- Game components include: 81 challenge cards, 5 training tip cards, 8 plastic cups, 1 no-slip playing mat, 2 plush dog toys, 1 sand timer, Rule Sheet, and endless fun!
- Designed in Bozeman, Montana; Manufactured in China; Backed by our Love It Guarantee™.
- Environmentally conscious: Game components made with recyclable or recycled content wherever possible, including FSC Certified mix paper for paper components, GRS Certified plush, and recyclable plastic cups labeled Number 5.

Safety Precautions:

While breaks are incorporated into the game, always be mindful of your dog's behavior and monitor their interactions. Remember, not all dogs are social or enjoy being surrounded by lots of people. Pay attention to your dog's feelings—if they show signs of fatigue, weariness, or stress, stop the game immediately and give them a break from the action!

New Innovation in brain game play.


Encourages joyful connection and reinforces training. FUN for the WHOLE family (2 legged and 4).


Game designed for adults and children 8+.


Created and tested by pet behaviorists, seasoned pet experts and game design pros.


Designed in Bozeman, MT, Manufactured in China. English only.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make it a casual hangout! The game is not only for families but for friends, colleagues, and casual backyard get togethers. Gather those you want to hang out with and bring your dog along - everyone can have fun!
  • Not feeling social? That is ok! The Dog's Best Friend Game™ has a solo play option. So grab your favorite four-legged friend and enjoy!
  • 5 levels of difficulty to engage humans from 8 and up and dogs with various levels of training
  • Some minigames are harder than others. If a minigame is too hard for you or your dog, feel free to pass on that card or modify in a way that works for everyone

Game components made with recyclable or recycled content wherever possible: Paper components use FSC Certified mix paper, Plush is GRS Certified, Plastic cups are recyclable.


Brand West Paw
Barcode # 747473771807
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Toy Type Interactive

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