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Why your pets should be eating fish

by Lucky Pet  ■  Updated: April 19, 2022


Do you give your pets fish treats? We do! The benefits of this alternative source of protein are well documented, and here are a few.

Fish is a natural source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and, just like us humans, your pets need these healthy fats to help with brain function, joint & cartilage health and mobility, skin health and texture, fur coat appearance, and heart health. These essential fatty acids can also help relieve inflammation caused by joint issues like mild arthritis and support recovery from surgeries or injuries. It's like giving them fish oil, but more fun!

Heart Health

Fish in the diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing clots and inflammation, improve vessel elasticity, lower blood pressure and blood fats.

Bone & Joint Health

Regular consumption of fish can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease. When your pet crunches down on 100% dehydrated fish and its bones the benefits of calcium, phosphorus, silica and other micronutrients are absorbed in digestion creating healthier and stronger joints and cartilage for your pet.

Teeth & Gums

Our fish treats promote chewing actions that shifts plaque buildup from teeth and gums, which benefits their oral health and removes plaque and bad breath.


We don't make these treats but we love them and feed them to our girls because they're made from Australian wild-caught fish that is sustainably sourced from fisheries that are heavily regulated and have strict sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Plus, they are free of nasties like chemicals, artificial flavours and colours.

Fish is dehydrated in Queensland and preserves maximum natural flavour and health benefits. Packed with omega fatty acids, fish treats can be chewy or crunchy, long-lasting or a quick training treat. Whatever you use them for, the natural textures help clean teeth by clearing away plaque buildup.

PS. Our fish treats are not irradiated and are perfect for dogs and cats!