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Hi - Welcome to our blog - enjoy the posts!

We're a crew from Melbourne's Western Suburbs. Jeff and I (Jo) met in 1993 in Eugene, Oregon when I was at Uni as a post-gra Aussie expat. Then we got married and a million years later we started this little business from our lounge room. The rest of the crew met through women's Roller Derby one way or another - yep, we are a tough bunch!

But we're softies for pets. Our favourite part of the day is when our customers bring in their pets and we get all the cuddles and smooches in the world!

We ship all over the world, but if you can, pop into the shop; phone or email us your questions or just to say "heya"

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Don’t Brush It Off: 3 Ways to Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

Date Posted: 30 July 2018  

From the walking to poop scooping, you’re already doing plenty to keep your pets happy and healthy, right? But maintaining your pet’s dental health is another responsibility that needs to be added to your pet care to-do list, especially since oral health problems can link to other health issues related to the kidney, heart, and liver. Going to the vet for a teeth cleaning annually isn’t enough to protect your pets from the risks of poor dental hygiene, and the costs for these cleanings can be eye-popping; your pet may also have to be anesthetised. So in honour of Dental ...

Planning a road trip with your pets

Date Posted: 2 March 2018  

Jeff and I love taking out pets (yes, the cats and dogs) away on holiday when we can, so we always have to plan ahead to make sure there's no drama (because there can absolutely be dramas! Vomiting, Peeing, Pooing, howling, sobbing...) Instead, let's give out furbabies the best and safest travel experience with these need-to-know pet travel tips. (Disclosure: Most of this information focusses on travel with dogs, because very few people travel with...

Perfect Pet Gifts For The “Howl-iday”

Date Posted: 16 December 2017  

The holidays are here, and it’s time to shop for everyone special to you, including the furry ones! If you're looking for some last minute stocking fillers, we've put together our Top gifts for pets (even some may not fit in a stocking!) ZippyPaws Christmas Crinkle Squeaky Dog Toy It crinkles. It squeaks. And it’s perfect for the holidays! The ZippyPaws Holiday Crinkle Toy i...

Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween With These 5 Tips

Date Posted: 25 October 2017  

Halloween is almost here, and your furry friend is sure to bring out their mischievous side during this trick-or-treat event! And even though we don't celebrate Halloween traditionally in Australia, kids and adults are enjoying the occasion more and more. So here are our top tips to for pet safety during this mystical and wickedly fun event: 1. Confine your pet in another room and away from the front door. To prevent your dog from greeting your trick-or-treaters too enthusiastically or keep your pet from running out the door into the night, it’s best to secure them in one place or in a “safe ...

Halloween (or any day) Baking for your Pets

Date Posted: 6 October 2017  

With Halloween fast approaching, don't forget your furry trick or treaters! Start prepping now with this easy recipes that you can bake or freeze ahead of time. If, like me, you are challenged by flour, crack open a Mix & Bake kit and you won't have anything to worry about. Happy baking! Microwave Vegemite & Peanut Butter Donuts ...

Clumps or Crystals? Choosing the best kitty litter for your cat.

Date Posted: 3 July 2017  

Whether you’re a new cat owner or an experienced pet parent who needs more guidance when it comes to choosing your furry friend’s cat litter, we’re here to help you by providing you with this detailed and thorough guide on choosing the right kitty litter for your feline friends. Read on to get all the tips you need for finding the best litter. Your Cat’s Litter Pre...

How do you know if your pet has diabetes?

Date Posted: 14 May 2017  

Diabetes is a rising health problem among pets and other animals. Dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and even apes can get diabetes. To help you keep your animal companion in great health, here’s your go-to guide for pet diabetes prevention. What is Diabetes? Just like humans, pet animals (dogs and cats mainly) are susceptible to Diabetes Type I and Type II. In this blog guide, we’ll focus on Type II Diabetes and how you can prevent it. Diabetes is a co...

Why do pets need a water fountain?

Date Posted: 8 February 2017  

Do you worry that your pets don't have fresh water to drink? Cats, in particular, are partial to running, filtered water. Rather than a boring old water bowl, a water fountain can give your pets clean water so that the nasties (and floaties) are filtered out. So, why do you need to give your pets filtered water from a water fountain? Provides fresh and clean water – Many pet fountains such as the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain include a charco...

Should you Groom your Cat?

Date Posted: 17 January 2017  

The short answer: yes. While cats are natural groomers and completely equipped to groom themselves – for the most part – there can be some cases when you may need to step in and help. For example, if your cat is elderly and has arthritis or has difficulty grooming themselves, then you may need to brush or bathe them more frequently to avoid matting. Even if you groom occasionally because your cat has short hair or is great at grooming itself, you should still make an effort to keep your pet well-groomed. The good thing is that you don’t need to do much to help keep your feline’s fur coat in good condition. Brushing is the most important part of grooming, especially for...

Check us out on A Current Affair

Author: Jo Vraca   Date Posted: 21 October 2016  

Well this was pretty exciting. The crew from A Current Affair came into the shop and filmed us earlier this week. You can see us from around 1:16 They forgot to mention who we are, but we're still pretty stoked we were asked to participate in the story! ...

Travelling with Dogs

Date Posted: 26 September 2016  

Gear to Help You Make the Most of Your Holiday Everyone loves a good holiday, and your pets are no exception. We love taking our pets on holiday with us and are always on the lookout for ways to make it easier and comfortable for us and our dogs. However, being away from home can sometimes be stressful for your four-legged companion, so it is important to take extra precautions to ensure your pet's comfort and safety. In a recent post about pet-friendly holidays, Bupa Pet Insurance​ reached out to us for our expertise when it comes to handy pet supplies. Here are a ...

How do Deal with Dog Separation Anxiety

Date Posted: 8 August 2016  

Your dog loves you, and that’s great, but when you return home after a busy day at work, you walk into total chaos: Your (irate) neighbours say that your dog has been barking, howling or whining for most of the day. Your house or yard is festooned with rubbish from the bin or your dog has ripped the couch to shreds. How can you stop that? Your dog has chewed or scratched the house door so that it’s a total mess. Your best friend has licked or nibbled him or herself raw in spots. What’s wrong? Is your dog being deliberately naughty while you’re away from home? Probably not! Your pa...

Come and visit us in Melbourne on March 19 for our Adoption Day!

Date Posted: 16 March 2016  

It's Adoption Day on Saturday, March 19. Our shop will be open an extra hour, from 10-3pm and there will be so much fun to be had! Sorry we don't have stores all over Australia but if you're in Melbourne, come and visit us! You might go home with a new cat or dog! ...

Be Aware - Preparing your Pets in Natural Disasters

Author: Dr Craig Dwyer   Date Posted: 2 March 2016  

Be Aware - Prepare The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is urging animal owners to include pets and livestock in their disaster management plans. According to Dr Craig Dwyer, Vice President of the AVA’s cattle group, if disaster hits, people should be prepared not only for their own safety but for their animal’s welfare as well. “Those of us who own animals have a responsibility to take care of them, and that doesn’t change in an emergency. Being prepared is the key. “With the summer months approaching, now is a good time for livestock producers to brush up their plans for natural disasters that might come their way inc...

Peanut Butter and Dogs - A good idea?

Author: VetCall Melbourne   Date Posted: 15 February 2016  

Our furry friends just love Peanut Butter.. it keeps them going all afternoon in their Kong toys and can be great for hiding medications. Recently however some companies have started substituting the sugar in peanut butter for Xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in chewing gum to reduce people's calorie intake. Due to the way they metabolise it, Xylitol can cause a dramatic drop in blood sugar and in large quantities liver problems so can actually be harmful to your pet. When buying Peanut Butter for your fur babies next please check the labels and keep ...

How to Pat a Cat. AKA How not to die while trying to pat a cat.

Author: VetCall Melbourne   Date Posted: 25 January 2016  

Haha those of us with cats would already know.. ...

Dr Bruce Syme's Tips for Keeping Pets Cool

Author: Dr Bruce Syme   Date Posted: 4 January 2016  

Temperatures are rising all over the country so I thought this was a good opportunity to share a timely reminder on the importance of helping our pets manage the heat. While humans have sweat glands all over their bodi...

Brrr... Keeping Pets Warm in Winter

Date Posted: 20 April 2015  

Winter time is here and we are all preparing to keep ourselves warm and cosy during those freezing temperature months. While we think that our pets fur will keep them insulated & protect them from the elements it is a good idea to provide added warmth and protection from those freezing cold days and nights. Some tips for providing extra warmth for your pets are: - Provide a warm enclosure for your pet to sleep in that not exposed to the elements. - Elevate their sleeping quarters off the ground this is...

Dog Farts

Author: Jo Vraca   Date Posted: 23 January 2013  

It wasn’t me, it was the dog! We’ve all accused our pets… right? Because let’s admit it, smelly farts, bad breath, low energy, bad teeth—these are definitely problems that our pets face. Mostly, it’s just the results of a poor diet—just like us! Besides the effects to your pet's health, the cost of pet health are high. Unlike us, though, our pets eat the same food every day, so if that food is full of chemical preservatives, colourings, fillers and by-products, their immune system can be worn down over time, making them more susceptible to developing illnesses and allergies, like kidney and liver f...

Tips to make your Kong More Fun & Tasty!

The Kong Classic - it's the perfect first toy. You can toss it and it'll bounce like crazy, and you can stuff it with dog food, or treats or anything else your dog likes. Also, put simply, most dog like to play with their food, and a Kong Classic gives dogs the opportunity to do just that. It's the dog toy that keeps on giving. It may sound strange, but most dogs need to learn to use a ...

There's a Kong for any Age

There’s a KONG for Any Age. Dogs have different play and treat needs throughout the day and throughout their lives. That’s why there are so many kinds of KONG toys. Understanding these needs helps you keep your dog feeling safe and secure, which limits the chance of them reverting back to bad behaviors. Let’s find out what KONG your dog needs, based on his or her age. Puppies 7 to 12 Weeks — Starting Out Right. During this stage, your puppy needs to be introduced, in a careful and positive way, to as many different situations, people, and objects as possible. This is the ...

Kitty Kong

The Kitty KONG is a toy and treat dispenser designed specifically to tap into the natural curiosity and hunting instincts of your cat. Squeeze a little of the KONG Easy Treat into the KONG for your cat to enjoy. You can also use a pinch of catnip or your cat’s favorite dry kibble inside this versatile toy. With its lightweight construction, the KONG toy can be batted, rolled or bounced by your cat. KONG is best known as a dog toy company, and the iconic Classic KONG toy has been bringing joy to dogs for over 35 years. However, in recent years KONG has made an effort to increase the number and variety of toys and treats that it manufactures for ...

Our Blog

Hi - Welcome to our blog - enjoy the posts! We're a crew from Melbourne's Western Suburbs. Jeff and I (Jo) met in 1993 in Eugene, Oregon when I was at Uni as a post-gra Aussie expat. Then we got married and a million years later we started this little business from our lounge room. The rest of the crew met through women's Roller Derby one way or another - yep, we are a tough bunch! But we're softies for pets. Our favourite part of the day is when our customers bring in their pets and we get all the cuddles and smooches in the world! We ship all over the world, but if...

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Halter Harness

23 May 2018
We adopted Belle, a mastiff x greyhound, from The Qld veterinary university at Gatton, Australia, when she was two years old. She had been there since she was six months old. Her handler had a problem with her pulling on the lead til she would choke, and tried every halti product available. She finally contacted her father, who trains dogs in Victoria, and he sent her your harness, Belle is totally controllable in this, and it requires minimum pressure. They kindly gave us this harness when we adopted her and we have since been able to train her to walk with just a collar and lead, but we still use it if we are taking her to extremely excitable situations, like the vets lol

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