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We need to talk about ... Dog Farts

It wasn’t me, it was the dog!

We’ve all accused our pets… right? Because let’s admit it, smelly farts, bad breath, low energy, bad teeth—these are definitely problems that our pets face. Mostly, it’s just the results of a poor diet—just like us! Besides the effects to your pet's health, the cost of pet health are high.

Unlike us, though, our pets eat the same food every day, so if that food is full of chemical preservatives, colourings, fillers and by-products, their immune system  can be worn down over time, making them more susceptible to developing illnesses and allergies, like kidney and liver failure, not to mention smelly farts.

What’s Holistic Pet food? Well, unlike commercial food, it contains natural products, is high in quality meat protein, and added supplements especially for your pet’s condition. Holistic foods are free from meat that has been contaminated by steroids, antibiotics or hormones and has the right balance of meat, grains and vegetables.

You'll find that holistic pet foods don't cost much more than standard pet foods and the benefit to your pet’s health will pay off with fewer visits to the vet and a much healthier and happier pet. Plus, your pet's health is definitely worth it!