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KONG Toys for Dog & Puppies

There’s a KONG for Any Age.

Dogs have different play and treat needs throughout the day and throughout their lives. That’s why there are so many kinds of KONG toys. Understanding these needs helps you keep your dog feeling safe and secure, which limits the chance of them reverting back to bad behaviors. Let’s find out what KONG your dog needs, based on his or her age.

Puppies 7 to 12 Weeks — Starting Out Right.

During this stage, your puppy needs to be introduced, in a careful and positive way, to as many different situations, people, and objects as possible. This is the perfect time to increase the bond between you and your puppy and to establish good behavior.

Recommended KONG Products for Puppies 7 to 12 Weeks:

  • KONG Puppy rubber toys are ideal for training, rewarding, and getting your puppy through that terrible teething phase.
  • Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat and Stuff’N Puppy Snacks are great for stuffing puppy KONGs.
  • Puppy Wubba is a fun squeaky toy. Your puppy will love to play fetch and tug games with it.
  • KONG Plush are great snuggle toys to make your puppy feel safe.

Puppies 3 to 9 Months — My How You’ve Grown.

Teething is something to stay on top of during this time of fast growth. Give your puppy a variety of safe, soothing chew toys to help develop proper chewing habits. It may even save that favorite pair of shoes. At this age, your puppy may occasionally misbehave and disregard what’s already been learned. Be persistent and keep up with your pet’s training. Reward good behavior with KONG Stuff’N treats and continue interactive play with KONG toys. A frozen stuffed KONG puppy toy is ideal to relieve teething pains.

Recommended KONG Products for Puppies 3 to 9 Months:

  • KONG Puppy rubber toys are ideal for training, rewarding, and getting your puppy through this continued teething phase.
  • Put Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat in the grooves of a KONG Puppy Teething Stick and freeze.
  • Puppy Goodie Bone is a fun chew toy and treat holder that helps soothe your puppy’s tender gums.
  • Puppy Flyer is great for interactive games of fetch with the whole family.

Puppies 9 Months to 1 Year — The Teenager.

They’re not that different than the human kind of young adult. They get bored and anxious — and when they do, bad things happen. But in the dog form of adolescence, KONG toys, stuffed with healthy treats, are effective tools to help prevent these problems.

Recommended KONG Products for Dogs 9 Months to 1 Year:

  • Those strong teeth mean it’s time to upgrade to a tougher rubber, so try KONG Classic or Extreme — depending on how big of a chewer you have on your hands.
  • Introduce your dog to new flavors of Stuff’N Snacks and Treats. Remember, they need variety just like people do.
  • AirDog Squeakair Balls are great for interactive play. They aren’t abrasive to dogs’ teeth, like normal tennis balls, so mouth and jaws stay healthy and strong.
  • The KONG Wubba is perfect for tugging and fetching.

Dogs 1 to 7 Years — Finally.

It’s time to congratulate yourself and your dog for all the hard work, great habits, and fun. But remember that continued training is important throughout your dog’s life. Rotate your dog’s toys regularly to make sure he doesn’t lose interest, and always leave only a few toys out at a time.

Recommended KONG Products for Dogs One Year and Older (in addition to products for dogs six months to one year):

  • If your dog has strong jaws, upgrade to KONG Extreme.
  • KONG Aqua is perfect for playing fetch in the water and for retrieve training on dry land.
  • KONG Wobbler is a fun, entertaining, and mentally stimulating treat and food holder.
  • Upgrade to the KONG Classic Flyer for nonstop family fun.
  • Tugger Knots are tough but soft; for tugging, chasing, and fetching.

Dogs 7 Years and Up — They Still Love to Play.

Toys and play continue to be important to your dog’s health and fitness. Plus, they still crave the fun. That’s why regular physical and mental activity will help your dog feel young and stay healthy.

KONG’s Senior range is built to give older dogs lots of mental stimulation, to encourage play and promote good exercise. KONG Senior is made from a softer rubber specifically designed for aging teeth, gums and jaws. It’s gentler on a dog’s mouth, enabling four-legged seniors to chew easily without getting tired or working too hard.

Recommended KONG Products for Dogs 7 Years and Up:

  • KONG Senior is made from a softer rubber to care for senior dogs’ teeth and gums.
  • Stuff’N Senior Easy Treat and Stuff’N Senior Snacks are delicious treats made to be easy on an older stomach. 
  • KONG Snugga Wubba is covered with a soft, fleecy fabric — it’s great to snuggle up with.

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