Stop food theft with the Catlink Smart AI Feeder.

Featurng a ceramic bowl (which prevents cat acne and bacteria), the Catlink Intelligent feeder stops food snatching and has a large capacity so you don't have to worry about constant refilling. Cat acne is caused from bacterial buildup on plastic bowls. Ceramic bowls have low moisture absorption which inhibits growth of bacteria and promotes a healthy eating environment. The unique design is easy to clean and protects whiskers.

The large curved surface allows cats to eat comfortably so avoid whisker stress. The Catlink app integrates feeders and litetr boxes. With remote food release, you can feed your kitty even when you're away or home late. Set up an automatic feeding schedule or rlease food if you're running late. Real-time data monitoring allows you to monitor changes in your cat's appetite. Data is uploaded to the Catlink cloud in real time so you will know how much and how often your cat eats.

The feeder also makes intelligent health judgments. Simply enter your cat's health needs and the background will change colours if anything changes from your expectations.


  • Large capacity - store up to 2kg of dry food. Keeps food fresh.
  • The top cover and outlet are equipped with a high grade silicone loop to ensure air is blocked, preventing oxidation and food stays fresh.
  • Built-in dessicant box absorbs any moisture.
  • Unique divider design uses baffles on both sides to prevent other cats from snatching food.
  • Large-caliber curved surface makes it easier for cats to eat.
  • U-shaped design has no dead ends and is easy to clean.
  • Real-time data detection. Data such as the amount and frequency of each cat's food will be uploaded to the app in real time to help you clearly understand the cat's eating situation.
  • Control your pet's meal time from anywhere using your smart phone, help pet to control body weight and establish good eating habits.
  • Dual power - power bank serves as back up.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean


Brand Catlink
Barcode # 6972884750071
Pet Cat
Category Bowl
Features Automatic

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