The smart cat litter box CATLINK Scooper will create maximum comfort for you and your pet.

The intelligent toilet prevents the spread of unpleasant odours and bacteria. Tough and smart, with materials that are resistant to damage, the Catlink cat loo is heavy duty with smart sensors that detect your cat's presence. After your cat exits, cleaning begins automatically, and activated carbon easily absorbs unpleasant odours.

The next generation of automated cat litter boxes, the Catlink can detect multiple cats and cleans right afterwards. You won't ever have to think about cleaning litters again! It also effectively assists with unpleasant smells and odours; this is a high-tech cat toilet that will keep your cats clean and comfortable. Simply throw out the waste every few days and you're good to go!

The Catlink app is intelligent. It allows you to receive notifications on your smartphone. The Scooper uses a unique weight sensor to recognise individual cats and register their data in the app, such as the duration of interactivity, weight and time. Then you can view reports via the app so you can monitor your cat's health from anywhere at any time.

The Luxury Pro Version has Ambient Lighting, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and a Light sensor.


  • Real-time notification using the CATLINK App;
  • CATLINK App notifies you of any abnormal status for extra safety and reassurance
  • Remote control of SCOOPER via App
  • Multi-cat detection (Please note that when a cat's weight is close to one another's, about ± 400g, they may not be recognised individually).
  • 7 Days and 12 Months health report and visualised graph
  • Contains 8 gravity sensors that automatically stop the rotation of the machine when a cat is present
  • Double Anti-Pinch design detects blockages or objects, which results in it reversing the cycle to prevent your cats from getting stuck
  • Anti-tip triangle design specially prevents the machine from getting tipped over
  • Ventilated structure prevents cats from getting suffocated if they accidentally fall in and get stuck
  • Panel Lock feature allows you to securely lock the box in place, which makes it safe for kids and prevents them from playing with the SCOOPER
  • Ideally used for cats up to 10kg
  • Cat Litter Volume monitor
  • UV light for disinfection
  • 12 Month Warranty


  • App Control
  • Auto Mode/ Manual Mode/ Timer Mode/ Empty Mode
  • Health Report ( every day, week, year)
  • Separate Data for each cat
  • Cleaning Reminder
  • Abnormal Alert
  • Large capacity of the litter chamber- 13L
  • Safety System
  • Shared control with friends
  • One press to empty
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Temp & Hum Sensor, Light sensor, Weighting sensor, infrared sensor
  • 12V/ 5W/ 2A
  • Whenever the Anti-Pinch feature is detected, the App will notify you.
  • Cat Litter Volume notification
  • UV light
  • The radar is able to auto-pause the cat litter box when detecting cats approaching

Dimensions: 60x58x71cm
Suitable for cats weighing between 1.58kg - 10kg




Brand Catlink
Pet Cat
Category Litter
Features Automatic
Features Litter Box & Accessories

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