FiltaBac cream is a complete protective antibacterial cream with sunscreen for animals.

It also has the ability to act as a second skin in damaged areas of the body.

It is suitable for:

  • Wounds
  • Sunburn (heat lamp burn in exotics)
  • Use as a sunscreen
  • Correcting damaged or irritated skin.

Suitable for most animals, it is particularly for use on horses, dogs and exotic animals. It can be used to treat cats however veterinary advice is recommended as cats are sensitive.


  • Covers wounds and acts like a second skin, keeping out dirt and keeping in moisture.
  • Allows the wound to breathe.
  • Antibacterial properties prevent colonisation of the wound.
  • SPF 29-33
  • Made in New Zealand

Dosage and Administration:
Sun filter:
Horses, cattle, sheep, goats: Apply a thin layer each morning to exposed areas. Apply up to 3 times daily when required.
Dogs, cats: Apply up to 3 times daily.

Anti-bacterial and antiseptic: Apply a covering layer to damaged skin areas at least daily until healed. For dairy animals with teat and udder sores, remove any remaining Filta-Bac before milking by bathing area with warm water and mild soap, and rinse well. Apply Filta-Bac to sores immediately after milking.

Wound protection: Apply a covering layer to cuts, including saddle and girth sores in horses, at least daily until healed. Clean the affected area, removing any excess serum with antiseptic solution or mild soap and water and rinse well before applying Filta-Bac.

Adverse Reactions: In the case of an allergic skin reaction, cease application and wash area with warm water and mild soap. Consult a veterinary surgeon. Some sensitive areas, including the ears of white cats, may react to the anti-bacterial agent in Filta-Bac. In such cases, Filta-Clear is recommended.

Cats: While Filta-Bac can be used on cats, it is recommended that you test it on a small area first to make sure your cat does not have any reactions to it.

Tube size: 120g

Keep your pets protected this season with Filta Bac cream.


Brand Filta Bac
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Barcode # 9416193720204
Pet Dog
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Category Health & Wellbeing
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