Give your cat extra comfort and warmth during their cat naps with the K&H Thermo Kitty! 

Designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, the Thermo Kitty is an innovative cat bed that features a 4 watt dual thermostat nestled deep in the orthopedic foam cushions of the bed. The thermostat increases temperatures by approximately 10-15 degrees and ensures that your cat has the warmest bed available for all their afternoon cat naps. Made with soft, orthopedic foam material, this high-quality bed supports your pet’s weight perfectly and molds to fit your cat’s body for maximum comfort. The cover is removable and can be washed easily for your convenience. Get the K&H Thermo Kitty bed to keep your cat cosy and purring with satisfaction!


  • Unique cat bed that has a 4 watt dual thermostat unit that heats bed 10-15 degrees
  • Thermostat located inside the bed and covered by the thick orthopedic foam
  • Soft, orthopedic bed that supports your cat’s body for ultimate comfort
  • Removable cover that’s easy to wash and maintain

Size: Approx. 40cm diameter

Colours: Mocha

Keeps your cat warm – perfect for colder seasons!


SKU KP3191
Barcode # 655199037018
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Beds
Features Heating

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31 July 2021

I have a 21yo cat with arthritis, he’s very stubborn about heat pads and beds and won’t usually have anything to do with them. I plugged this one in and didn’t mention it to him, just left it for him to find. Well, that was 24 hours ago and he’s only left it to eat and use the bathroom. My other cats have tried it out too but he gets jealous and boots them out when he comes back! It has an eggshell foam cushion base with a loose velour feel cover, the sides are low rise, and are firmer foam with the same velvety type covering. The electrical cord is long, I found it easy to put the cat bed in a good spot and had plenty of cord to reach a power point, and it has an Australian plug (some other sites I looked at had a US one). It looks like it will be very easy to take apart and wash if needed, the instructions are simple and clear. I did as the setup instructions suggested and put a cushion in it to test the warmth, and it works beautifully, warms up a bit more than if they were cuddled up under a blanket on your lap. Like “body heat but better”. So they won’t overheat if they’re in it for hours on end. It doesn’t feel particularly warm when it’s just sitting plugged in, but it must put out enough warmth to have enticed my cat to try it out! One note: the second photo in the product display on this page is of a different K&H cat bed with higher walled sides - the picture on the packaging in the first photo shows what the “Cuddle Up” bed is actually like, it has lower sides which suits my old boy, I don’t think he’d climb into a higher sided one as easily. The lower sides are perfect for coziness. There is a flat heat pad in the range but it’s smaller and I think this bed at 40cm diameter is a good size for most cats to bundle up into, I have a couple of cats who are pretty big, a ragdoll and an 8kg ginger, and they both fit fine. When they’re allowed. They get kicked out pretty fast. Overall it’s a really well made product that feels safe and good quality, especially compared to the $40 versions - the extra quality and features you get are really worth the extra cost for something that runs off your electricity 24/7. The best endorsement I can give is that my cat actually loves it!

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