Soothe your pet’s sensitive skin and give them a clean fur coat with the all-natural, gentle HerbaGuard Shampoo!

If your furry friend has sensitive skin, and you’re tired of using chemical-laden shampoos for your pet, switch to the HerbaGuard Shampoo. Gentle on the skin and free of harsh chemicals, this all-natural and soothing shampoo gives your pet a relaxing and cleansing massage.

Formulated by professional Australian naturopaths and skincare specialists, this effective pet shampoo washes away impurities, such as fleas, and helps keep the fur coat clean. You can also use the HerbaGuard Shampoo with the HerbaGuard Powder to keep pests away from your pet and their environment. Make room for a new pet shampoo for all your petcare needs with the Natural Animal Solutions HerbaGuard Shampoo!


  • Premium non-irritating pet shampoo for everyday use
  • Zero harsh chemicals and irritants in formula for a gentle everyday shampoo
  • A special body-safe blend that contains 7 essential and soothing herbal ingredients
  • Natural way to remove and prevent flea infestation
  • Excellent for pets and animals with sensitive skin
  • Free of parabens, sulphate, colours, and fragrances
  • Exclusively formulated by a team of professional Australian naturopaths
  • Made in Australia with 100% natural, botanical ingredients
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals
  • Can be used with Natural Animal Solutions HerbaGuard Powder
  • No animal testing

Size: 375mL

Dosage/How to Use:

Directions for washing your pet’s coat the NAS way:

Wet coat thoroughly using warm water. Apply a small amount of HerbaGuard Shampoo to coat and gently massage into the skin. Take your time to ensure that your pet’s skin is completely nourished with the shampoo. Add more HerbaGuard Shampoo as required. Rinse coat thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Dry off with a fresh towel.

Caution: As with all shampoo and conditioners, it is best to avoid getting HerbaGuard Shampoo into your pet’s eyes.

Soothe your pet’s sensitive skin and give them a clean fur coat with the all-natural, gentle HerbaGuard Shampoo!


Brand Natural Animal Solutions
Barcode # 9341976000115
Pet Dog
Pet Cat
Category Grooming
Treatment Type Fleas

Apple cider vinegar, Black walnut, Rue, Pennyroyal, Wormwood, Lavender, Feverfew, Neem seed oil

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