Brushing, Trimming and Vacuum All at Once

The Petkit Airclipper is designed to be a mess-free home salon experience, which means there is no hair left for you to clean after as grooming and vacuum happen at the same time.

High-quality Brushes
It comes with two different brushing tools for your various grooming needs, great for most types of fur including double coated and curly short hair.

Grooming Brush
Our premium grooming brush is suitable for removing loose fur and helping untangle small mats for pets without causing discomfort, keeping their coat smooth and fluffy. Regular brushing sessions are great to bond with your pets.

Deshedding Brush
The ideal tool to manage pet shedding at home is our durable deshedding brush. Weekly brushing helps remove dead undercoat hair without damaging the top coat. It also prevents knots and tangles from forming.

Crevice Tool
The nozzle head is to clean sofa, pets’ bed, carpets and any hard-to-reach areas such as corners, keyboards and more.

Professional Dual Blade Clipper
Suitable for any length of pet hair. Allowing you to control the length of your pets hair freely even you have no experience. DIY a special hair-cut for your furry friends.

Electric Clipper
It comes with 4 detachable guard combs for different length.

Paw Trimmer
Used for paws, eyes, ears and face.

Snag-free & Smooth Cutting Experience
Powerful dual speed rotary motor of 5500-6300 rpm keeps a superior cutting performance, gliding right through even heavy curly hair or matted hair without unpleasant pulling or clogging.

2.5 Continuous Working Hours
Sufficient Battery Life (max level) after full charge allows you to use it anywhere without the main machine.

Safe, Sharp and Precise Blade
Carbon steel blade makes the clipper harder, sharper and more durable while ceramic moving blade tends to not get as hot and stays cooler during the clipping process, which is friendly to the most sensitive pet skin.

Strong Suction to End Fur Tornado
High speed premium motor is developed to process moderate to heavy loads, strong suction enables instant capture of pet hair before it’s blowing all over the place.

60dB Minimised Noise Level
AIRCLIPPER adopted the latest noise reduction technology to minimise the sound level without compromising suction performance.
(Note: Introduce AIRCLIPPER to your pets slowly from the mild suction level if they are extremely sensitive to sound)


  • 3 Suction Level
  • 3 adjustable power modes to suit your best need.
  • 1.4L Large Dust Cup: less frequent for you to empty the container.
  • One Click Empty: a mess-free cleaning experience design.
  • Dust cup is washable including the filters, easy for deep clean and maintenance.
  • Australian wall plug.


1. If you point the trimming head down toward your pet when trimming, it may result in trimming the hair shorter than intended or damaging your pet's skin.
2. When trimming, make sure your pet's hair is dry. If your pet's hair is overly wet it will make trimming more difficult and dull the trimming blade.
3. Do not press the trimmer head against the skin when trimming, otherwise the skin will be scratched.



Brand Petkit
Pet Dog
Category Grooming
Features Clipper

Q: Where can I buy replacement parts or receive repair service for my clipper?

A: Lucky Pet Supplies currently does not have replacement parts for Wahl Clippers. You can purchase replacement parts by calling 800-PRO-WAHL. If you need repairs, send your complete clipper to:

Wahl Clipper

Attn: Repair Division

3001 N. Locust St.

Sterling, Illinois 61081

Q: My clipper won’t feed through the hair. What can I do to fix this?

A: The clipper is most likely functioning properly, but the problem usually is within the blade set. The blades can become dull or have buildup of hair and dirt, which can make the clipper seem ineffective. In most cases, all you need to do is use the cleaning brush included in your kit and remove the leftover hair and dirt. Make sure to oil the blade generously with the included Wahl OIl and reassemble the clipper. If the blade is dull or worn, you can have it resharpened at the factory, credible sharpening service, or purchase a new blade replacement by calling 800-PRO-WAHL.

Q: Can my blades be sharpened?

A: Most Wahl blades are designed for maximum life and can be resharpened by Wahl Clipper or a credible independent sharpening service. Check with your local Wahl dealer or call 800-PRO-WAHL for information regarding your clipper and blades.

Q: Do I need to oil my blades?

A: It is strongly recommended that you keep your blades well lubricated at all times (storage, in-between uses, etc.). All Wahl blades are protected from corrosion, but they will eventually rust if not taken care of properly. We highly recommend that you apply a generous amount of oil occasionally during and after use. Be sure to remove dirt and hair from the blade with the cleaning brush before applying the oil after using the clipper.

Q: What kind of oil should I use?

A: Every Wahl Clipper is packaged with a tube or bottle of Wahl blade oil, and we recommend only using the Wahl blade oil as it has been formulated to be compatible with your Wahl blades. Other aerosol type lubricants can make the blade’s metal more susceptible to corrosion. If you need more Wahl Oil, Lucky Pet Supplies provides extra Wahl cleaning brushes and blade oil for your convenience (sold separately).

Q: Do I need to buy blade coolant?

A: Most Wahl clippers do not require blade coolant spray. But for the high-performance, high-speed professional clippers, you may need to use a blade coolant to ensure the comfort of your pet while you’re using a Wahl clipper.

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