No more, "hard to get down their throat", pills will be required if you use Profender! Super easy to apply!

Profender is one of the only spot-on topical allwormer treatment available for cats helping out with the treatment and control of intestinal parasites and lungworm in cats including:

  • roundworms - mature, immature and larval mature, immature and larval (L4) states of Toxascaris leonia
  • hookworms - mature, immature and larval (L4) stages of Ancylostoma tubaeformae
  • tapeworms - mature and immature stages of Dipylidium caninum, Taenia tanieformis.
  • lungworm - mature states of Aelurostrongylus abstrusus

Profender is the world's first broad-spectrum intestinal worm treatment for cats. No more struggling cats, no more stressed-out owners. And above all, no more worms. The use of one pipette per 3 months will keep all intestinal worms at bay. Treat and control intestinal parasites and lungworm in cats including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and lungworms. Suitable for use on cats weighing 2.5-5kg. Remove one tube from blister packaging. Prepare your pet by removing any collar prior to application and replace when product is dry.

Hold tube in an upright position, twist and pull off cap. Then turn the cap over and place the other end of the cap onto the top of the tube.

Twist the cap to break the seal and then remove cap from tube.

Part the hair on the cat's neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible.

Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the content directly onto the skin. Apply only on intact skin. Pets today aren't just animals - they're part of the family. Parasite protection is an important part of owning a pet. Advantage Petcare produces products that help you and your pet deal with parasites, preventing potentially fatal diseases and giving your pet the best life ever!

  • Kills Roundworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms
  • Spot-On Allwormer
  • Kills Larval and Immature Stages
  • Treats Lungworm
  • Convenient and Easy to Apply

Size: For Cats 2.5-5kg Blue 2 pack - Treats one cat for 6 months total (apply every 3 months)


Brand Profender
SKU 1891685
Barcode # 9310160811622
Pet Cat
Category Flea Tick & Wormer
Application Type Spot-on

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