Does your cat track litter around the house or make a mess after doing their business in the litter box? With the Ultimate Top Box, a tall and enclosed litter box, you’ll never have litter mess again!

Cleverly designed to reduce the mess that cats leave behind after using the litter box, this modern and innovative litter box has a unique bin shape that’s tall and made to prevent your cat from kicking out litter remnants. The top tray features ventilation line-shaped holes on one side, which helps eliminate odour and keeps the litter box fresh and clean. These holes also help remove any litter residue on your kitty’s paws when they land or sit on the top tray. Designed with an entrance and exit hole on the other side of the top tray, your furry friend can go in and out easily. This removable tray opens up easily so that you can clean or provide a wider opening for your pet. Included with a scoop, scoop holder, and liner, this litter box has everything you need for simple and clean petcare. If you’d like to upgrade your litter box to a more efficient one, make the SmartCat Ultimate Top Box your cat’s personal toilet!


  • Sleek and modern-styled litter bin designed to reduce litter mess and save space
  • Tall and closed litter box with top tray that opens up and is removable
  • Opening on top tray for an easy entrance and exit for your pet
  • Ventilation holes at the top to help eliminate odour and keep box more sanitary
  • Reusable liner inside the box for easy cleaning
  • Helps prevent litter from flying out when your cat comes out
  • Cleans your cat’s paws of litter remnants when they step on the tray

Colours Available:




Entry hole: Approx 597mm (width) x 597mm (depth)

Entire box: Approx. 1219mm (for width, depth, and height) 

Includes a scoop and scoop holder to hang on the side of the litter box!


Brand SmartCat
SKU 4110
Barcode # 853442005108
Pet Cat
Category Litter
Features Litter Box & Accessories

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