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What your cat wants for Christmas

Want to give your cat something other than leftover gift boxes from the holidays?

Though our feline friends will enjoy those boxes, having a special gift for your kitty adds to the fun! Whether you’re getting your own cat a gift or you want to give the cat lady or man in your life lovely presents for their furbabies, we’re sharing our top holiday picks for the 2019 holiday season.

Check out what we recommend as gifts for the cheeky cat in your life.


1. Go Cat Da Bird Pull-Apart Wand Cat Feather Teaser

Give the gift of active entertainment with the Go Cat Da Bird Pull-Apart Wand Cat Feather Teaser! This cat wand toy features real bird feathers that swivel and swirl around as you dangle the wand over your cat’s head, giving it that real-prey appearance that your cat will love to hunt and chase. The wand features a pull-apart extension rod where you can double the size of the wand to lengthen the teaser further away or shorten it by half to keep your cat closer. This cat wand makes it easy for you to keep your feline friend active and entertained while helping you bond with them more.

2.  Pioneer Pet "Swan" Large Capacity Charcoal Filtered Plastic Water Fountain 2.3 Litres

Have you ever forgotten to fill up your cat’s water bowl? Or left home for longer than you thought and worried about your cat running out of water? The Pioneer Pet Swan Pet Water Fountain makes an excellent, practical gift for your cat or the cat lover in your life. This elegantly designed pet fountain is features an 80-ounce bowl base with a swan-like spout extending from it, which is where fresh and filtered water pours out into the bowl. The water fountain continues to cycle and filter the water you place inside the bowl so that water is always available for your pet and you don’t have to refill it as often. Plus, the fountain spout is fun for your cat to lick and drink, just like if they were playing with the water from the sink faucet.



3. KONG Holiday Laser Interactive Cat Toy - Reindeer with included Batteries

A classic cat toy with a holiday twist! The KONG Holiday Reindeer Laser Cat Toy is a great stocking stuffer for your cat, and it provides endless interactive entertainment for your pet. Just point the laser at the wall or floor and watch your cat let their natural hunt-and-chase instincts loose! The fun and festive reindeer design makes this a simple and affordable cat toy gift.

4.  Fuzzyard Cat Wand Toy

Keep your holiday gift for your cat cool with the Fuzzyard Cat Wand Toy! Featuring a plush reindeer, this unique cat teaser provides never-ending fun for your cat, attracting their attention and enticing them to play.

5. SmartCat Ultimate Scratch 'n' Play Cat Sisal Scratching Post & Toy Box

Need a scratch post for your cat that will last longer even after the holidays? The SmartCat Ultimate Scratch ‘n’ Play Cat Sisal Scratching Post & Toy Box features a 2-in-1 cat-friendly playground that features a column where the top half is a woven sisal scratching post and a hide-and-seek Toy Box on the bottom half. The sisal material is durable and satisfies your cat’s scratching urges while the Toy Box section keeps them occupied and helps combat boredom. This Scratch ‘n’ Play Post has a sturdy base to keep it balanced and still. With the SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post & Toy Box, it’s also like a gift for yourself since you can finally prevent your kitty from tearing up your furniture!


6. Catit Senses 6-in-1 Food and Treat Interactive Puzzle Toy for Cats

If your cat is a foodie, the Catit Senses 6-in-1 Food & Treat Puzzle Toy will have them occupied and their foodie urges satisfied all day long! This unique puzzle comes with 6 different activities for your cat to enjoy, and these activities have varying difficulty levels to challenge your cat’s mind and keep it sharp. The puzzle features a maze of tunnels, caves, and decorative food-storing, slow-feeding puzzles (e.g., bubbles, pyramid forest, and spiral) that gives you a variety of ways to mentally stimulate your kitty’s mind. Hide your pet’s favourite treats in the tunnels and caves or use the puzzles to slow-feed your cat, especially if they tend to eat too fast or steal other pets’ food. This versatile treat puzzle toy and slow-feed food bowl is purr-fect for the bored foodie cat in your life!



7.  Outward Hound Christmas Stocking

Cosy and soft, this sherpa-made holiday pet stocking is perfect to use when you want to spoil your pet this Christmas! This stocking features a paw print design on the end and has red patches of snowflake-covered fabric to give this stocking a true festive holiday look. At the top of the stocking is a bone where you can write your pet’s name on it and give it a personal touch! With the two loops attached to the top corner of the stocking, you can hang it up anywhere you wish as a holiday decoration and a gift holder for your pet.


8.  Northmate Catch Interactive Slow Feed Cat Bowl

Need to help your cat lose those holiday pounds and keep them on the right track? The Northmate Catch Cat Slow-Feed Food Bowl is an efficient and effective slow-feeding option for your cat. The cat bowl has rounded spikes that act as obstacles to prevent your cat from overeating and allows you to scatter your pet’s food across the bowl without overfilling it. This bowl doubles as an interactive puzzle toy for your cat as well to mentally stimulate their mind and entertain them.



9. The Art of Whole Food Australian Chicken Bone Broth for Pets 500mL

The ultimate gift of health is one we can always give our furry friends as pet parents. To enhance your cat’s meals with more nutritional content, The Art of Whole Food Australian Chicken Bone Broth makes it easy for you to increase your pet’s nutrient intake and provides a healthy, hydrating way to boost their health. Bone broth is famous for having collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are essential nutrients that help maintain and strengthen joints and make overall mobility smoother and easier for your cat. But there are many more vitamins and minerals in this chicken bone broth that your cat will sop up in no time! Grab a can and add it to your pet’s meals or make healthy pet treats using the broth.


10. Fuzzyard Christmas Bowtie

For a simple accessory your cat can wear for any occasion, this bowtie attaches securely to the collar and can be used with different collars for a versatile and easy-to-adjust bowtie. If your cat doesn’t like costumes, this bowtie is a fantastic way to make your pet look polished and ready for a party!