When you're away, your cat comes out to play – and messes up your furniture, too.

Stop your curious kitty from damaging your furniture with scratches and torn up fabric with Aristopet No Scratch for Cats. With a blend of cat-repelling essential oils, this handy spray is the answer to those kitty-scratching nightmares. All you need to do is spray the areas your cat tends to scratch and watch your cat stop his or her scratching habit.


  • 250ml spray 
  • Blend of essential oils that creates a scent that repels cats, but not humans 
  • Prevents cats from scratching furniture

Note: Scratching objects is natural for cats. To make the Aristopet No Scratch for Cats spray more effective, buy a scratch post for your kitty. Spray areas that your cat often scratches, and make sure your cat knows the scratch post is for him or her. 

Cats scratch because they want to mark their territory, so find a good scratch post for your cat to feel more comfortable in his or her environment!


Brand AristoPet
Barcode # 737399310723
Pet Cat
Category No Scratch
Country of Manufacture Australia

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