Improve your pet’s physical health and body functions with the High Potency Vitamin C powder from Natural Animal Solutions! 

Rich in vitamin C and formulated with natural ingredients, this supplement powder for pets is a must-have in your petcare toolbox! The High Potency Vitamin C is made from specially selected vitamin-C-rich ingredients approved by the Therapeutic Goods Association. Vitamin C is known to boost the immune and respiratory system, which makes this effective supplement powder great to use during allergy season and to prevent illnesses.

Not only does vitamin C fortifies your pet’s immune system, but it also promotes skin repair and stronger joints and assists in bowel support. Protect your animal friend’s health by adding Natural Animal Solutions High Potency Vitamin C powder to their everyday diet!


  • High-strength vitamin C supplement powder for pets
  • A vitamin C blend of botanical, natural, TGA-approved ingredients
  • Special formula developed by professional Australian naturopaths
  • Absorbs easily in the body with zero side effects
  • No fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors/colours used
  • Helps improve your pet’s immune and respiratory systems to combat illness
  • Assists in skin repair and joint and bowel support
  • Relieves and reduces allergies and symptoms related to allergies
  • Great to use to maintain optimal physical health
  • Tasty flavour to appeal to pets
  • Scoop included in container and measures 1 dosage
  • Up to 200 doses per container
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and small animals
  • Made in Australia

Size: 100g


Ascorbic acid, Calcium ascorbate, Magnesium ascorbate, Sodium ascorbate, Zinc ascorbate, Alpha lipoic acid, Polygonum cuspidatum (resveratrol), Citrus bioflavanoids extract, Rutin, Hesperidin, Quercetin

Dosage/How to Use:

Add to food for best results. For therapeutic treatment, double dosage after one week.

Cats – Dosage size: 1/8 scoop daily


Small dogs: 1/4 scoop daily

Medium dogs: 1/2 scoop daily

Large dogs: 1 level scoop daily

Horses – Dosage size: 2-4 scoops daily

Give your animal friend better overall physical healthy with the High Potency Vitamin C!


Brand Natural Animal Solutions
Barcode # 9341976000009
Pet Cat
Category Health & Wellbeing
Application Type Powder
Country of Manufacture Australia

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