Embarrassed by Strong Cat Pee Pong in your home? Then you need a refill of Oz-Pet Litter Pellets for Cats, Ferrets, Rats & Birds

You already know that the Oz-Pet Cat Loo is an easy 1-2-3 solution that provides your cat with a natural, odourless toilet that is easy to maintain and economical to use.

Oz-Pet Animal Litter converts wood waste from plantation timber into a pellet for use as professional quality pet litter and bedding. Raw  wood shavings and sawdust undergoes extreme heat and pressure during the pelletising process, which extracts most of the resins, oils, tars, acids and water from the wood fibre. The remaining organic material gives the wood pellets natural odour control properti es. The product reaches between 150 and 200 degrees under 320 tonnes per square centimetre of pressure as it passes through he pellet press.

When the pellets exit the milling process the product is completely sterile and has become an extreme absorbent.

1kg of Oz-Pet Animal Litter can absorb up to 4 litres of liquid. One 15kg bag of Oz-Pet litter lasts an average of 10-12 weeks for a 4-5kg cat depending on the size of your litter tray.

How to Use:
Oz-Pet litter can be used in ordinary litter trays or to enjoy the full benefits of Oz-Pet, use the Oz-Pet Cat Loo. Pour Oz-Pet Litter into a clean empty litter tray to a depth of 2.5cm. Scoop out solids daily. Note that as the product absorbs odour causing liquids, the depth of the litter increases.

Oz-Pet Litter is manufactured from waste plantation timber, and:

  • Is eco friendly litter made from plantation waste material that would otherwise be dumped in landfill or burned.
  • Will soak up 3-4 times its own weight in odour-causing liquids
  • Contains no additives
  • Can be composted or used as mulch.
  • Is 100% organic so it breaks down completely in soil
  • Does not clump so there's no waste and no danger to your cat or kitten   

How does the Oz-Pet Litter Eliminate Odour?
The biggest advantage of Oz-Pet Litter is that it stops the strong pee pong and eliminates rather than masks the smell of ammonia. Any smells from a fresh deposit are quickly absorbed and you are left with a faint, natural earthy/wood fragrance. The eucalyptus oil in the pellets stop the bacteria growing that cause smell.

Use with or without the Oz-Pet System

Size: 10kg


Brand Oz Pet
Pet Cat
Category Litter
Country of Manufacture Australia

If you choose to use the Pellets with the Oz Pet Litter System - here's some information.

Scoop, Shake, Rotate

Setting up – Pour Oz-Pet litter pellets into the top sieve section of the tray to a depth of 2.5 cm. Add a large handful of litter to the first  bottom base to absorb odour causing liquids.
Scoop – Scoop out solids daily. Solid waste may be flushed or thrown away.
Shake – Shake the tray daily to allow the wet litter to fall into the bottom tray. On average, every two days add a handful of fresh pellets  to the top sieve section of the tray.
Rotate – When the bottom tray is full of sawdust waste, remove the second base and add a large handful of litter to it. Lift the sieve  section of the tray and transfer to the clean base. The dirty tray contents can either be flushed away, disposed of in the garden as a  natural mulch material or placed in the bin. Thoroughly wash the dirty tray with mild bleach or non-pine disinfectant. Note: For one cat  rotate to a clean base every 2-3 days. For multiple cats rotate to clean base daily.

 1. Scoop out Solids. After scooping out the solids the tray is ready to be worked.
2. Shake the tray to separate the powdered wet particles from the good litter. 

3. The wet fines are separated as they fall through into the bottom tray.

4. The wet fines are now in the bottom tray, leaving the good, dry litter in the top, ready to use again.
5. The wet particles are now good for the flower garden, compost bin, lawn or worm farm. 6. Add a scoop of litter to the bottom tray in preparation.
7. Add a scoop of litter to the top tray if needed.
8. The tray is ready to use again

How often do I change the litter?
Simply scoop the large waste out and sift the wet waste through the bottom and empty it. You only need to top up the litter a handful at a time. 

What do customers say about the Oz-Pet Loo?

"By using Oz-Pet litter I have cut my work down by a good 50%. I have had a council inspection and they were impressed by the lack of odour from my litter trays. I would have no problem in recommending Oz-Pet to anybody for the health of yourself and mostly the cat's health. My entire cattery uses Oz-Pet litter and I believe this is the best litter and easiest to use that I have found. I mainly like the non-odour from Oz-Pet litter. This is very important when I have so many cats in a residential area."

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