Are your pets, or your neighbours' pets using your home and garden as their loo?

Aristopet's Home and Garden repellent has been specially designed to deter cats and dogs away from any area you want. The home and garden spray can be used outside around gardens, fences, letter boxes and bins and inside around furniture, pot plants and curtains.

Comes in an easy to use pump spray bottle - spray daily until habits are broken. After a short time, the animal will associate the treated area with something unpleasant and will avoid that area.  Do not spray directly onto plants and do not use on edible crops.

Aristopet Home & Garden Repellent contains Methl Nonyl Ketone and citronella oil, which cats and dogs find repulsive but is safe and virtually undetectible to humans.


  • Spray on objects or areas that you want pets to avoid.
  • Easy to use bottle

Available in 2 sizes: 125ml and 500ml

Good for preventing territory marking and during toilet training!


Brand AristoPet
SKU repel-spray
Barcode # 737399310372
Pet Dog
Category Clean-up
Features Repellant
Country of Manufacture Australia

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