Get the 2-in-1 cat toy that does more than keep your cat happy with the Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel!

Specially made to promote better dental health, the Plaque Away Pretzel cat toy features an innovative design that helps floss your cat’s teeth as they chew on this toy. The double-layer, durable net covering the soft pretzel toy allows your pet’s teeth to poke through the holes, which activates the flossing action and remove soft tartar buildup.

To coax your curious kitty into playing with the pretzel and get some teeth cleaning done, this toy is packed with catnip. The catnip acts as bait and encourages your pet to keep chewing on the toy. For a dual-purpose cat toy that helps keep your beloved four-legged companion entertained, get the Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel!


  • Fun and functional pretzel-shaped cat toy that doubles as a flossing tool
  • Innovative dual layer mesh net material that keeps your cat’s teeth clean as they chew
  • Eliminates soft tartar and prevents tartar and plaque buildup
  • Durable netting material that won’t unravel
  • Packed with catnip to appeal to your kitty and entices them to keep gnawing on the toy
  • Soft and lightweight pretzel toy for easy carrying and comfortable chewing

Colors Available:



51mm (length) x 63.5mm (width)

Great chew toy for cats that keeps them entertained!


Brand Petstages
Barcode # 871864003335
Pet Cat
Category Toy
Toy Type Catnip
Condition Dental Care

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22 July 2020

My cat loves this toy, she shuffles it all around the floor, chews and carries it around the house. It is smaller than expected, but the size probably makes it easier for cats to pick it up with their mouths.

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