If you're out of the house, make sure your Puppy is not a Bored Puppy!

If your pup suffers from boredom, separation anxiety and other behavioural issues like chewing everything in sight, and digging the garden, the solution is a Puppy KONG!

Dogs LOVE Kong--just thrown them or stuff them and leave them. Then wash it in your dishwasher. KONG toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionalsand satisfied customers world wide. Made with Exclusive KONG Teething Rubber Formula, the Puppy Kong is super bouncy and perfect for puppies.Veterinarians and trainers recommend stuffing the Puppy KONG with KONG Treats

KONG’s uneven surface creates an unpredictable bounce that lures dogs into a game of chase, catch and chew. Fun for your puppy, fun for you to watch!


  • All natural, Teething Rubber Formula
  • Super bouncy and chewer friendly
  • Cleans teeth, conditions gums
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Recommended by Veterinarians, Trainers & Dog Professionals
  • Available in assorted colours
  • Regular use of KONG will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles
  • Made in the USA.

Fill Puppy KONG’s hollow centre with dry kibbles then dab some peanut butter over each end and watch your dog dig away at the food for hours! 

SIZING - Proper KONG sizing is determined by your dog’s size and chewing temperament. Please see the chart in the image gallery at the top of this listing for breed suggestions.

Pack of 4 KONG Puppy


Sizes Dimensions
(height, diameter)
Recommended Dog Size
Small 7cm x 5cm 0.5kg - 9kg
Medium 9cm x 6cm 7kg - 16kg
Large 11cm x 7cm 13kg – 30kg

Put Your Puppy to WORK and stop the boredom and pining!


Brand KONG
SKU KP1-inner
Barcode # 35585131115
Pet Dog
Category Toy
Toy Type Fetch
Life Stage Puppy

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