Stop boredom and fast eating in their tracks and give your pet the entertaining gift of a Lickimat super pack!

Featuring 4 of our best selling Lickimats, each bowl features shapes and grooves to hold food - but that's not all these grooves do. These grooves also help clean your dog's tongue and remove food particles and bacteria, which ultimately helps eliminate bad breath and improve their overall gum and teeth health. Continuous licking is even calming for your pet since it reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and encourages more saliva production, which aids in boosting gum and teeth health.

You can use chunks of meat, fish, treat pastes, homemade treats, and more with the Playdate treat tongue-cleaning pet mat. It's also freezer safe, which is great for making homemade frozen treats, and easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use.


  • Features ridges and pockets for your dog's favourite treats
  • Makes treats last longer and prevents overfeeding - creative way to spoil your pet
  • Helps clean your dog's tongue by removing food particles, bacteria and preventing hairballs
  • Freshens breath over time with regular use and improves overall oral and dental health
  • Keeps your pet entertained and helps them relax
  • Can be used with chunks of meat, fish, treat pastes, and other treat favourites
  • Freezer-safe - great for summertime homemade frozen pet treats
  • Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use

Laila & Me Meal Topper:
Loaded with B vitamins, zinc, iron, and protein, the Meal Enhancer From The Paddock is a delicious and nutritious 2-ingredient powder blend of Australian beef and lamb meat. Perfect for fussy eaters, this dry meal topper can be mixed in with your dog’s meals to help excite their appetite. Even cats love this, too!

No nasties like GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, sugar, salt, grains or artificial flavours/colours are used in this formula.

About Laila and Me: Offering 100% natural and delicious pet treats and supplements, Laila and Me is an Australian-owned local small business that was founded in 2015 and brings healthy, hypoallergenic treats for pet owners with cats and dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. Laila and Me focuses on pet treats and products that help manage weight, promote healthy gut and digestion, enhance skin and fur coat condition, and more.


  • Australian-sourced and made Beef and Lamb dry meal topper for dogs
  • Great for fussy eaters and contains essential B vitamins, zinc, iron, protein, and other nutrients!
  • Easy-to-sprinkle powder form that can be mixed in with dog food or homemade treats
  • No nasties like GMOs, chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavours/colours
  • Zero added sugar or grains - a completely natural product for your pet
  • Can be used as a daily food supplement
  • Cats love it, too!
  • Approved by pet nutritionist Clare Kearney
  • Made in Australia in small batches for freshness

Size: 50g

NOTE: These are natural products and what you receive may look a little different from our photos. We do our best to provide accurate pictures but due to the nature of the drying process of natural products, it may look different.

Pack includes:
Laila & Me Meal Topper Sprinkles
Lickimat Buddy
Lickimat Slomo
Lickimat Casper
(colours may vary)

Material: Non-Toxic, Food-Grade TPR Rubber

Give your pet better entertainment and oral health in one fun boredom buster!


Brand Lickimat
SKU Lickimat_Dog_Bundle
Barcode # 2000000003153
Pet Dog
Category Bowl
Features Slow Bowl

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