Keep your cat’s litter box clean and smelling fresh with the Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Tray Deodoriser.

Formulated with OXY odour neutralisers and natural oils like orange and lemon, this litter box deodoriser for cat litter boxes quickly and effectively eliminates odour and leaves behind a fresh scent and long-lasting odour control. If a litter box is too smelly, your cat may not enter it until it’s clean. The Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Tray Deodoriser is a clump-free, dust-free formula that won’t disrupt your cat’s litter. Each bottle contains over 40 treatments and features 3 different nozzles you can use: foam, mist, and stream.


  • Litter box deodoriser formula that breaks down urine and feces residue stuck on the box to make it easier to clean and eliminate odours
  • Helps your cat feel more comfortable entering the litter box when it’s clean and doesn’t have old smells
  • OXY-powered odour neutralisers to completely wipe out lingering odours by chemically changing odour molecules and making them odourless compounds
  • Provides long-lasting odour control and is a clump-free, dust-free spray that doesn’t disrupt your cat’s litter
  • Contains natural oils like bergamot, lemon, and orange
  • Over 40 litter box treatments per bottle
  • Safe to use around children and pets when used as directed

Size: 500mL

Neutralise odours and remove residue from your cat’s litter box with the Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Tray Deodoriser.


Brand Simple Solution
SKU 22224-1
Barcode # 10279905555
Pet Cat
Category Clean-up
Features Stain & Odour

purified water, proprietary odour neutralisers and fragrance


EVERYDAY USE: Spray a light mist over the litter to control odours. The odour-encapsulating formula eliminates the smell of soiled cat litter, leaving only a fresh scent.

LITTER CHANGES: Remove litter and excess waste from the litter box. Liberally spray the litter box inside and out. Wait 5 minutes. The organic matter will break apart, allowing for easy removal. Wipe away all traces of waste with paper towels or old rags. When the litter box is completely dry, fill with fresh litter.

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